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Anyone know where to buy grooming bows in Canada??

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  • Anyone know where to buy grooming bows in Canada??

    Is there any good reasonably priced place in Canada to buy groomer bows??? I currently buy them from PSH.

    Thanks, Vicki

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    There is Ren's in Ontario. Not sure if there is a difference in prince. There is also PetEdge in MA. They will ship and will ship items under 60 pounds Airmail (avoid brokerage fees). You will have to pay duty when you pick them up at the post office...Normally it's between 5-15%. I never find duty fees the same. You may also look at making your own. There are some good video's on utube.


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      Spectacular Fabrics is Canadian, it'll come up if you google it. I get bandannas from them and they sent me a few bows for free and they look really nice, like the stiffened top knot bows.


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        I just got bandanas from spectacular fabrics, and they sent me a couple pairs of bows too. They are nice, but psh is still cheaper. Ebay has some too, but not in canada.


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          Try this site she's a client of mine who got tired of clothes out there so decided to go into biz prob so her dogs can wear more clothes and her hubby can't complain. Seeif she can get you bows reasonably. It's here in the USA but you might be able to work something out.


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            Dandy Dog Bows She makes the best, they are just lovely.


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              If you want to make fancy bows yourself this is a great video to watch.

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                I got some.............

                I ended up getting some off an ebay seller................200 of them, good price too. I'ld love to make my own, BUT I'm lucky if I can get them in the ears all the