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  • Market Analysis for Pet Population

    I am currently working on my business plan, and I have the "box". Well, worth the money and an excellent resource. I am starting to work on my pet population market analysis. However, the source I found the information on is from the AVMA (U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. The data is from 2002. Isn't that info a little old to use? Also, the book costs $100.00.

    I tried to find the book at my library, they have looked and my state doesn't even have the book, but they are searching outside of my state.

    Any suggestions, where I might be able to get some newer info without paying so much?


    Stephen:: There is a pet population calculator inside Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper, just enter the towns and cities and households of each and it will give you estimated pet population. It's on the CD ROM, one of the Excel files. I have a $500 study recently purchased and our calculator comes up almost precisly the same. Actually for the last 10 years, minimum, it is has held steady in the US too that pet owning households plateaued at 59% to 61% and is expected to in long run. What slightly increased was the percentage owning 2 dogs or cats, or 1 dog and 1 cat. So the pet population increase is from people owning more pets has increased, but the rise in human households, and then every so many of those new households are projected to own dog and cats etc. Therefore, the Box uses % of human households and then applies likelihood of dog and cat ownership formulas used by veterinary and retail industry and will be good calculator for many years to come. This is the safest and most conservative long term method.

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    Thanks Stephen
    I was a little confused but I understand now. Thank-you!