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  • Upcharges and items that sell

    Hi I'm interested in knowing about items that I can sell in and around the front desk area. Example: Any ideas for dog colognes to sell that are safe?

    What kind of upcharges are we allowed to do. For example what is your upcharges for matting, for missed appointments, how to price XXL dogs, do you let the matting fee slide in favor of repeat business etc.

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    Most good colognes for pets are safe. I was using and selling some Showseasons. Also lots of good ones here

    As far what sells for a grooming shop. Not a lot. I read here years ago admin saying and others too you have to sell your retail. Most customers are awaiting happy returns with their pets. You need to bring up the new retail you have, but what does sell best are treats, toys.

    Funny you bring up pricing, there is an article on accurate pricing in this month's magazine by admin. He has worksheets, and admin is making an excel spreadsheet we are waiting for (LOL). Inside joke here. It's a good plan to make sure all fees are based equally on the time you spend....see the article inside.

    I don't let dematting charges go. Some dematting is included, but then extra is charged in 15 minute chunks, but I don't do more than 15 minutes on small dogs up to max 30 minutes on large. I won't put the dog through it. I don't charge for missed appointments by my regulars if it is very rare. Second time I might but remember legally you have to inform them setting an appt with you is subject to appt missed fees before they book it. You cannot surprise them with that.