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Fresh Pet food truck??

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  • Fresh Pet food truck??

    Do you think we could write a business plan for a fresh pet food food truck?

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    Do you mean a truck that will deliver to your home or business? Just trying to understand your question. Do you want to start this as a business?

    While I don’t receive a lot of supplies delivered to me, having pet food delivered might be nice. It would save a trip to another store on my crazy busy days. So I wouldn’t have all the packing material to deal with if I used a food truck? I would like that.

    I did order from Amazon once but that wasn’t a good option for me.


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      If you have the demand and I think you could, it would be a good idea. But not something you would part with all the other food trucks??? Certainly making fresh deliveries a couple days a week even it could work. You wouldn't have to necessarily have the most deluxe decked out one either. I know people that make their own pet food and it takes time. All human grade. Sure it is worth considering.


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        Sure this could work. If you have lots of clients to start with that would give it a kick start.