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Opening 3rd location in Spring

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  • Opening 3rd location in Spring

    We opened a 2nd small shop of course last year as I have said before and in about year it is reaching capacity. We found another spot in a new building opening in Spring in another part of the city by the same landlord. So we really cover all the bases here as these are new and growing areas with homes being built. Writing another business plans. I am so thankful for all that I have learned here, and my great employees that make this possible. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and the holidays will be exceptional for you.

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    Congratulations, you go the working formula down and if you can get the employees you are doing something so right.


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      Congrats! Hope I'll also be able to set up my own business next year or in the next few years.


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        Thank you Chiko. I recommend you write a business plan, I would be lost without it. It reminded me of everything I needed to buy, to setup, to face even!


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          Teena2 you obviously have both ambition and brains. Opening location #2 makes you want to open a #3. The entire concept is so far out of my wheelhouse that I can only think of it with wonder and awe.
          Got me thinking about how success can mean such different things for each of us.

          For me, it's 'simply' having gotten the guts to go to school at 54 and open up my own little one man shop at 56. My goal was never to work fulltime, but to supplement our income. Without ever having advertised I am now a bit busier than I had thought I wanted to be, and have been able to make some of those financial contributions without having to leave my house (which may have been my main goal!). My ambitions are small.

          Then there are the many smart women like yourself (I know- men too) who either through ambition or necessity have built some incredible 'empires' through grooming. It is inspiring and always great to read about!


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            I am thinking about location 2, you are inspiring.


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              Goog luck Teena watching you here I know you can make it happen.


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                We are planning to remodel in a few months. Please send me pictures of your new shop as we are trying to get as many ideas as possible. Thanks!

                [email protected]


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                  A great way to get ideas in the classified ads. I look all the time. in business for sale.


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                    It is looking good to do this but I will put a stop sign at this point. Just female intuition I guess. But so happy to go that far and say enough is enough.


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                      I love learning from others success. Would love more info about what you feel made your place different ( as it's obviously not just down to the charesma or grooming skill of one person)

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                        Originally posted by ItzaClip! View Post
                        I love learning from others success. Would love more info about what you feel made your place different ( as it's obviously not just down to the charesma or grooming skill of one person)

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                        Go timing. I like to read the board on Sunday's, by the way I am a huge fan of your pictures here. Never get enough.

                        To answer your question I have a brother that is a vet, self employed. My parents were both self-employed. Mom had a gift shop and dad was a contractor. All did well. We always heard it was customer service with a smile and gratitude that made the businesses. I worked at the gift shop for some years while going to high school and sort of managed the place too.

                        All of my full time groomers and asst managers sign employment contracts.

                        With that background after grooming school and working as a groomer at my brother's clinic I had to get a loan and write a business plan. That is how I first heard of this place and found the Grooming Box business plan. I built the business up pretty quick by bringing in about 400 customers the first year alone from by brother's vet clinic. He didn't mind. We refer back and forth. So I need extra groomers even in the first year. Based on what I learned in the plan process I didn't allow any customers to choose their groomers. Sure they could ask or state a preference but my grooming table was the first one. I met every new customer and gave them a package of materials about me, the business, our ethics, our management. I said to them without any backlash that as the owner I guarantee their grooms will always be of the same quality no matter who grooms their pets. You have my promise. Many shared they hated having to choose groomers at other shops. They didn't even like suggestions. Instead I gave them a promise. If you worked for me you understood this policy or didn't work for me. The customers are our stars and but I am also the biggest fan of my employees.

                        I always had 1 or 2 front desk staff that knew grooming inside and out. They dressed like pros and we treated them with priority. Then we learned about scripts here and I wrote a check list of how to serve new or return customers. We always ask if today's groom meets their satisfaction and most enroll in our appointment program we learned here too. A week after their first appointment we call them personally and discuss how they feel now and if not so happy what happened. So I must say there is more but it is all about the customers, ALL about the customers except when we are hands on caring for their pets in the shop. We ask all of our customers to refer us and many do. We quickly grew in 2 years to 800 regulars.

                        That's when back here again and I posted here about writing a plan for a second location using the Box. Now this was important for locations 2 and 3 and I don't see anymore locations. But why 3? Based on a consultation service we identified where all of the 800 customer were coming from by zip codes. We had about 6 zip odes were commond and found some of them would have a much quicker drive to us if we had a shop on the other side of town and it was growing with a couple thousand more homes in the next 5 years. There was a 3rd location but I wanted to learn how to do a 2nd one first. My best groomer lived near there and loved the idea of open a satellite location. Saved her 1 hour a day commuting. She became a clone of me your could say as far as being able to run the place, and it grew quickly.

                        So we repeated when a great building on a major commute route came available in another location serving other zip codes. Ditto we are now building up that location.We get most of our business by our signs, and some social media. Signs and vet referrals. My brother is always referring but several more vets know our reputation. I would say we get 20 new customers a week from vets. Most have had problems keeping groomers and give up. We refer our customers to vets in return too.

                        Now I groom far less but I do work in the other locations at least 1 day a week, sometimes 2 days a week. Sometimes I start my morning in one and close another. The customers see me and they know I am watching everything and observing every employee for their services to the customers as well as the pets.

                        There is a lot more but that is the idea, it is all about the humans and serving them that builds huge businesses. Of course we take awesome care of the dogs, or don't call yourself a pro groomer. I have 2 certified groomers. One in each other 2 newer locations. Every 2 months we all get together after work for a meeting. At the first location we first train all front desk people in our ways, and even newly hired groomers work there until we are certain they should stay employed. I am not scared of losing anyone. I will fill their position if I have too. Do I run a tight ship? You bet you have to. I try to pay the best in town and give benefits when they reach FT status. They all know that anytime I can enter that door of a location and they know I am looking out for the business's reputation. If they don't follow their contracts, that's it. Very fair, no drama. They can apply for reimbursement for seminars they attend. Our top front desk person are sent to customer service seminars too. They cost about $99 a day once a year. Great investment. It's all about the customers and they know we would never do anything but the best grooming with a smile. As I said every week we call the new customers to let them know we are concerned about how the groom is growing out, did we miss anything. We also do random calls to those who are in our appt program and ask if all is OK. My front desk people work constantly and they also do paperwork for the satellite locations. I pick up all the paperwork at the 2 newer locations every morning and review it. If they noted things like call Mr or Mrs I do. I apologize if we missed a nail somehow whatever. Customers build the businesses for you. I spend nothing on advertising, no FB ads, we do maintain a website of course. No discounts except senior citizens. We love our seniors and they are escorted to their cars in and out. Period.

                        The staff learn by watching the owner. They will respect you the more they see the extraordinary loyalty of the customers and big smiles on their faces. When we have issues, they watch how I bring a friendly resolve. They learn by observation how to deal with problem customers and we have few. They learn and respect by observation, so the head of each location knows this and if they weren't capable i would have never appointment them. Don't undermine your system or rules and make it a pleasant workplace where even the owner follows all the rules and policies and that is in their contracts.


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                          OMG you are one smart cookie and I can see the family help. Let's do lunch!!!!


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                            I love your success. You are a natural.


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                              Excellent. You probably don't make many friends with some groomers. Does anyone put you down for having 3 locations like you are some bad person? You must be treating the dogs badly all that crud.