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Second location plan

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    So glad to hear you are doing well. It is not easy to do replicate so well.


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      Thanks for the comments and inquiry. Well I am bit tired but very happy. Once we got the computer files accessible from both locations that solved a major issue. So that is my biggest advice to date, sync your files between 2 or more locations.

      Next it really worked out that the new location was already convenient for the original clientele. I think that is another lesson learned and it worked out. So the groomer that moved there was familiar with the existing clientele going to that location and it seems seeing a familiar face was good to the customers. Maybe it was very important actually.

      The new location is getting more referrals from the current clientele that transitioned there plus we did a really really visible road sign, that is apparently huge as more than HALF of the new customers are saying YOUR SIGN.

      I hope this helps anyone thinking about this. Got to catch up here.