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    Hello all! So we are moving our salon to the space next to us. From 1200 sqft to 2400, so it’s a big jump. Since it’s going to be a mostly clean slate to start with I want to make the best choices possible.

    I am installing left tubs, and therefore need the flexible drain tubes. For those that use these lift tubs, how are you draining them? Into a normal wall drain of floor drain? Any pics? What’s the setup for that?

    With AC systems, are you all running a separate unit for the bathing/drying area? It obviously gets hot and humid in ours now and want to make it as comfortable and dry as possible for drying times and staff. I don’t believe I have the ability to vent any air to the outside.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Fortunately our codes didn't require installing filtered floor drains. That can be pricey if not already available. However, we cannot use flex drain hoses and the plumber had to install fixed pipes the whole way. No lift tubs at this time.

    We used admin's floor plan ideas in the grooming business in a box series. So we enclosed the entire bathing drying room. Less crud floating around in the air outside of it too. We would like a separate AC but couldn't get that in the building but we do exhaust out the warm humid air about 15 feet from the AC vent. Not a big pull venting on high, just enough to create some flow and it works great. I know you cannot do that. So yes I would ask the AC person if there was a way for separate AC unit, or a way to direct it individually from just one AC unit. Some sort of open/close in the AC venting.


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      You could also use a dehumidifier in the bathing drying area.
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        Thanks for the replies. We currently have the bathing/drying room separate from grooming and all separated from retail with a viewing window. We currently have a passive vent between the bathing room and the room the ac pull air from but a fan would help.

        We run a dehudified and that helps, it also creates heat though, but we placed it against a crate and use that as a low volume additional dryer for labs and such. It does help.

        Working on floor plans now!