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Pet Grooming Floor Plan Concepts CD & User Guide Released

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  • Pet Grooming Floor Plan Concepts CD & User Guide Released

    Grooming Business in a Box now has a 3rd CD and User Guide title. It's Pet Grooming Floor Plan Concepts, for one person shops including home garage conversions to major pet care centers with options for a vet clinic, school or pet hotel.

    In some of the designs, even with 50 dogs onsite, pet owners can walk in and hear soft music and the hum of clippers thanks to innovations like Noise Abatement Rooms and Silent Rooms.

    Floor plans are illustrated in the User Guide, and each has a Line of Sight Safety Analysis illustration, as well as a Sales Forecast created with Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler, indicating what the floor plan could generally generate in a 5 day workweek.

    All floor plans are provided on the CD in JPG and PDF format, as well as SmartDraw. The User Guide and CD are not not floor plan drawing software. Some groomers use pencil and ruler, or other 3rd party software and simply use our concepts. Some take the ideas to their architect. We used SmartDraw to create the plan, and our original files are on the CD. Users can acquire SmartDraw and edit our floor plans to their specifications. SmartDraw often has a free trial version available, and has dozens of other business uses besides floor plan design.

    Floor plans were designed to promote safety for people and pets, energy conservation, noise abatement, cat vs. dog grooming areas, hair/dirt/dander/loose hair containment and less pet distraction. Space planning optimizes the square footage allowing groomers to lease or rent only the required square footage. The 85 page User Guide is packed with details and commentary, and even a Floor Plan Evaluation Checklist to help users judge their progress while developing their custom floor plan.

    The full table of contents and description of Pet Grooming Floor Plan Concepts is at:

    Attachments show sample plans protected. Actual illustrations are in crisp black and white, and files on CD may be printed, even on oversized 11 x 17 papers at a local copy center.
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    I am recently in the process of opening up my own business i will be providing grooming, boarding, daycare, and canine massage services. I do need t come up with a floor plan and was wondering if you would help me.

    thank you

    Admin: See for a description of content of the CD.


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      We are looking at using the 2400 sf plan, love it. Very different love the inspection table. Wondering about soundproofing.