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Cages vs. Tethers?

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    I use crates for the safety of the pets and myself, I recomend a mobile to the neverous nellies. I had a guy call me an ignotant c$%t yesterday because i use crates! Not the sort I would want for a client.
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      Crates too...

      I do one on one grooming but I do have large wire crates. I often have lapses of dogs coming & going & sometimes it seems like everyone comes in early for their appointment & others pick up late so I do put dogs in Large Wire Crates. Also, helps reduce the males lifting their legs. Of course there are exceptions when there are multiple dogs from an owner & I am not expecting another client for 3 or 4 hours then all those dogs can lay on the couch, chair, dog beds, crates whatever they want. I have 1 client like that with her 3 cockers but since I block off a large time period for her they just laze around where they want to. I never mix clients dogs, I don't run a daycare.
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        While I prefer having dogs in kennels for safety reasons I have seen it done with tethers. I worked for a terrier groomer for a month in Denmark and she had eye bolts in the wall and different lengths of a light-weight chain that she used. I think she had 4 bolts along the wall. Since she exclusively groomed terriers, you'd think this would be a nightmare but in the month I was there (learning hand stripping) I never saw an incident. I'm sure it also had to do with the fact that she was just one of the calmest people I know. So that's my 2 cents. I don't know that I would do it, but in the right environment with the right person, it works.


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          A pet shop near my house actually has cubes they made out of wood i think, the top is open and each cubical had enough room for a pet bed a water bowl and also give each dog toys to hang out and play in. The height is enough for the dogs to not jump out and the one for the bigger dogs is obviously higher. They have those lined up on one side of the salon wall to wall. Its pretty nice and from online reviews a lot of costumers bring their dog there because of the dogs not being put in cages

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            We have had several cageless accidents in my area over the years. There is only way to really guarantee the safety of pets and that is crating, and we just don't do them if they cannot be crated. With our scheduling they are actually in crates a matter of minutes.