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OK here is my shop, opinions please

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  • OK here is my shop, opinions please

    Here are a few pics of my shop. As you can see from the pics, the reception area is very very small. We have a resident parakeet and ferret. Do you think having the bird and ferret cage looks too unprofessional? What do you think about the overall look? Any opinions or comments?

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    oops sorry, here are the pics
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      ferret and parakeet

      Pictures arent up yet so I cant comment, but...

      I like parakeets and ferrets, have had tons of both in addition to working in a retail petshop for over 15 years and breeding keets for twice as long.

      Keep in mind though, some dogs see them as prey (the birds were kept in thier own room, no dogs allowed) because the risk of the cages accidentally being knocked over or an over exited dog seeing "prey" was just to great. Even when an owner was there to control the pup.

      Ferrets are a different story. They too were kept in thier own rooms not because of the prey thing, but because of the smell. You may not notice it, because he is yours, but no matter how clean you keep them there is going to be an odor people arent used to lingering in the air (kind of like how a smoker doesnt really notice the smell of smoke on thier clothes). Also older ladies would get kind of freaked out by the big "rats".

      I plan on having an aquarium in my lobby/reception area. I am not sure if there are any drawbacks to this, dogs dont seem to mind, and people like fish (usually) but there may be unforseen propblems with that also.

      I can't wait to see the pictures!

      Edited: The pics are up and your shop is great! Very clean and spacious. I love that the parakeet and ferret and in the same area that you are, and no, it doesnt look unprofessional at all. I would bring my doggies to you!
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        Very clean and professional looking, BUT add some artwork and it will make it feel less sterile and more like a place you want to visit. ALSO mirrors! If I had that much wallspace there would be mirrors at the workstations to see the other side of the dog.
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          I think it is very nice. I do agree to add some artwork to make it look more welcoming. Also the parakeet and ferret are nice to have there, but you probably have to worry about the whole predator/prey thing.


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            I really like it! The only thing I might do besides a tiny bit of artwork is paint the divider to break up the color a bit (I would paint it white, but that is me)


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                Your're salon is very cute.


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                  Cute salon! I agree with adding some art and mirrors and definitely watch for the prey driver issues with some dogs.
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                    When you are up and running, the noise level will be pretty loud, with the HV dryers, barking dogs, bathing system, phone ringing, not to mention the hair flying around, fluctuating humidly, and different smells. To bombard this poor parakeet to this is not recommended. I grew up with parakeets, and they would get really upset at loud noises. Just remember the huge law suite that a major clothing store got into with the presence of a parrot in their store, having to listen to loud music all day, guilty of animal cruelty. Please think twice before you set that cage in your salon, it only takes one person to complain to the right people before you find yourself on the front page.

                    Happy keeping the parakeet home in a quiet environment.

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                      I like it! lots of room and potential. My new little semi-retired salon is 8'x10' ,yours looks like a huge palace to me LOL
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                        I think your shop is just lovely, you must be so proud and excited! Is that a real "doggie door" or just painted on?

                        Definitely add some artwork, start with some inexpensive pieces at first then you can change them out after awhile. If you can find some nice big mirrors get them, as Parti suggested. You wil really appreciate having the extra help of the mirror. Watch yard sales and thrift stores.

                        Your bird reminded me of a time when I worked for a vet that had a bird in the waiting area. He was very pretty and sang alot, it was a pleasant change from barking! But he did cause a few dogs to get pretty excited about maybe getting a "fresh lunch" while they waited to see the vet! You can probably get the clients used to keeping their dogs a safe distance from the bird. Do you think the bird will like the dogs? or might it be too stressful? You don't want to make the poor bird crazy and have him pull out all his feathers!

                        I am not familiar with ferrets so I can't help out with that one, except I also might be afraid of the odor.

                        good luck in the pretty shop!


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                          I had a small Parrot in my shop once. Kiwi did really well. No dogs were ever upset.

                          It LOOKS like the dryers and cages are in a seperate room. That will help the bird, but might upset clients. Many like to see the holding area.

                          ALSO how will you know someone has come in? JUst had this conversation with Jacob a few days ago. Curious about how you will handle it.
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                            some wall art

                            Originally posted by Mica View Post
                            oops sorry, here are the pics
                            everything looks good,but kinda plain,some pictures and a large motif to cover up some of the wall spaces. A theme might work nice.
                            Good Luck


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                              I am

                              coveting how clean it all looks. I just love when things are new and clean ... beautiful.