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Daycare with grooming help!

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  • Daycare with grooming help!

    I recently got hired by a daycare and boarding facility. My boss wants to si
    et me up a spot to groom and we are not sure at all how I will get payed for it or when the parents will pay. Any advice is greatly appriciated.

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    I groom for a daycare/birding facility. I groom in an adjacent property. Dogs get checked in at daycare then come to me at grooming. Dogs just in for grooming get a free day of daycare since I am not appointment based. Clients pay for their dogs when they pick up.

    Be sure you have a place for your freshly groomed dogs to go. You don't want that white standard poodle to go running around outside after you've spent hours grooming him. Also, be sure that you are grooming in an area where you will not be disturbed by customers or other dogs. You DO NOT want to be grooming with daycare dogs running around your feet.

    I get paid by commission. My coworkers have a good idea of how much grooming I can handle and schedule me accordingly. There have been some scheduling mistakes but they are few and far between now. I also keep an eye out for the next few days and make sure my schedule makes sense.

    Do you have any specific questions?

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      Thank you! Ya I will have a seperate room behind the daycare. I'm kinds wondering about how you actually get payed like do you get payed by the daycare for your grooms? If so how do they figure out your commission? Do you keep seperate records of your grooms? Thank you for your advice.


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        Well the owners are paying daycare, and then add on for grooming, you should get commission for the grooming portion unless you took an hourly or salary position.