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  • Tub installation

    I have a new stainless steel tub. My contractor wants to secure it to the wall by screwing through the backslash with a screw designed for stainless steel and then caulk along the top edge, along the wall. Does this sound right?

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    We don't. Landlord wants want back in perfect condition


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      It can be done less invasive.


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        There's is no reason to attach a free standing stainless steel tub to the wall. In many cases if it is attached in that type of way it belongs to the landlord when you move. DO NOT let him drill holes through your tub. No reason for it. Those tubs are heavy and do not slide around. My Boarding room has a SS tub in it that is used for spa baths and medicated baths as well as dishes and the like. It has NOT ONCE moved and when I tried to move it a little it will not budge. The plumbing makes it impossible. If you are worried about it sliding then have them build a platform for UNDER it. With a slight rim. Or add a piece of molding around the bottom on the floor. Just DO NOT drill through the stainless. My son says "fire that contractor" since he wants to destroy your tub....LOL
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          Good points Parti. If you are renting or leasing space don't mark up the walls you probably have to restore them to original condition without proof the landlord didn't expect you not to.