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    Hi, I am replacing the hose and sprayer in my tub. I had the commercial coiled grooming hose but do not want the coiled hose this time. I want it to be flexible with good water pressure. Any suggestions is appreciated.

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    I use a standard shower hose. I also have an adjustable nozzle (just a regular shower nozzle), but it can adjust to a spray or a very strong massaging spray. Years ago, when I had a commercial shop (home biz now) and a DIY dog wash, I replaced the hoses with a metal type hose. I got it at Home Depot. I think it was for a dishwasher. With a cheap converter, it hooked up to what I had. Worked great-and no more dogs trying to chew the hose!
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      I have the metal hose like for a dishwasher. Flexible, comes in different lengths. I have had the same one for 10 leaks. A sprayer is personal preference but if you remove the water saver feature many have, you will get lots more pressure. My sprayer is a small RV showerhead, has buttons on side where you can restrict or stop flow without messing with your faucet. Both items came from Lowes.
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        I like the metal ones best but rubber might be fine. But some metal ones are just too tight, test it out first for flexability.