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    Has anybody tried this? What kind of response did you see?

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    I haven't done one for grooming, but I've done them for companies I've worked for and also freelance clients (smaller, more boutique retail type places). The impact has been great because they're local, and when viewed in local newspapers they really target your immediate audience. If there's a local paper that's "small" enough (ie, not well funded) you can also get a column (obviously not paid, but it works as advertising) for a tips and info section, always including your byline with who you are.


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      I wrote a lot of press releases for my grooming business. A press release is much better than an because it is an endorsement from the paper. It is also much more likely to be read than an ad.

      I tried to write one a month. When you write a press release don't just send it to the newspapers in your area. Also send it to the TV and radio stations in your area. You can find the the names and addresses of all the radio, TV and newspapers in your area by going to

      Good luck!


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        I did it when i first started mobile, and sent it to four papers. I got in to two different ones in the same week. I did get a lot of calls from it and it is free, cant beat free. I was thinking of doing another one now that i have been in buisiness for a while. I think I will add things like competitions i have done and seminars attended, as well as new tricks, products and techniques i have learned lately.
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          What kind of info do you put in a press release??? I have never done one but am thinking about doing it......
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            Any Samples?

            I will be opening my shop in March and will be doing a press release. I would love any samples that have worked for others. Any one have some that they would let me see??? Purty Please!!!


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              I have posted a sample of a press release that got my business a full page story in the local paper. You can take a look at it and have my permission to copy it by going to:





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                Press Release

                Hi, I want to thank Idoonan for doing up a super one for me. This is an area of advertising that I'm not too familiar with, but one that in my new area may actually pay off better then in other areas.

                Having the structure to do out a press release is where I fell short. I had plenty of information, but how to actually put it into print, is not something I felt comfortable doing. Now with a super press release, my introduction so to speak, I feel I can follow the same format and do out others. Eric, the sample one you have on your blog is great.

                Thank You to everyone for the great tips on this type of advertising for the media.


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                  This may sound strange, but i was thinking about writing a press relase on my new mobile and I wanted to write it about my mom, how we started it together and how I am continueing it in her memory. Do you think this is a bad idea? Would it not get printed? I want to do something to honor my mom and let people know that this is for her. I thought it would be something my mom would really enjoy. Any thoughts? I was hoping it would be a more human interest story. if I could afford it I would have a picture of my mom added to the rig, maybe down the line. Thanks for any advice. It won't hurt to try sending it out to people I am sure.
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