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Need help with brainstorming logo for house call cat grooming biz

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  • Need help with brainstorming logo for house call cat grooming biz

    I'm working on brand identity for my new venture (home-made soy milk and nut milks), then realized I never did this for my main business, which is house call cat grooming! Duh, right!
    Having trouble with brand identity for Spiffy Kitty, my house call service, so want your help.
    Designers have different styles. There are corporate styles, cute childlike styles, bohemian/hippy styles, tough urban styles and so on. I need to give the designer guidance as to what I want, but I don't know.
    My best long-term clients are women in their 40,s, 50's and early 60's. They are wealthy spouses, or if they're working, they are making a high salary as a professional or own their own business. Most don't have children at home, though a few do. I do have a few terrific young women, but they come and go. I don't have many young couples or men.
    My clients like the way their cats feel after grooming. They aren't into show grooming, just clean, soft, no mats, gentle treatment. They're down-to-earth in attitude, but they do buy designer clothing and have fancy looking homes.
    My communication style is to be sincere, try hard, reliable, helpful. I'm like a sedan, not a sports car.
    The personal assistant or household manager is sometimes the one who finds me, so my brand has to appeal to them too. They have to know that choosing me won't cause any problems for their boss.
    I love the cute doggie and kitty logos that lots of groomers have, but for my marketplace, that might not be as popular as they are elsewhere, so I'm forcing myself to avoid that. I'm also trying to avoid having a totally boring design, which is hard since I do want to convey that my service is reliable and honest and well-trained.
    Ideas for images, words that match, ads you've seen or brands you've seen that might help me figure this out?

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    I think simple, classic shapes and designs would appeal more to that clientele than overly cartoony or cutesy designs as you mentioned. I think the design should allude to the fact that services are provided in their home, or in the comfort of their cat's home. So possibly a cat silhouette or simple design sitting in front of a window, or on a pillow. Neither are traditional grooming/cleaning type imagery, but from your other posts it sounds like you have a fairly robust client base to begin with, so I would think about focusing on the home/comfort aspects.

    Another idea is to look at the stores, services, etc. that those customers also utilize to get inspiration for branding and logo. Daycare, prep schools, specialty doctors/counselors, high end cleaning services, valet/car detailing, etc. I personally think that more earthy colors convey trust and reliability compared to bright, primary colors. There are also a lot of 'color psychology' infographics on Pinterest, Google image search, etc. that may be helpful to you.