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looking for opinions on a logo

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  • looking for opinions on a logo

    We are in the process of opening a pet supply store and grooming shop and cant decide on a logo. We've had a few suggestions and I was hoping to get some feedback from other people on what they like or don't like. I've uploaded 2 or our favorites (if I did it right that is lol). Thanks everyone!
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    The second one is more readable from a distance. Imo. The light blue name just fades out so you can’t read your brand.


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      I also vote for #2. You can see the scissors and comb easily, and know right away that grooming is involved. Easier to read, also.
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        I too think that #2 is more "readable" from a distance. I would balance out the logo by bring up the scissors and comb to a slightly higher level and add just a tiny bit more distance from the pets . Right now it is "bottom heavy" with the large bold business name, scissors and comb, and the sitting pets.

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          I like #2 as well. Readability is huge factor. Lighter blue on white just doesn't the contrast to make it easily read as the 2nd one. Definitely #2 on that note.


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            Same. #2 for sure.