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  • Creating a flyer

    Hello all!

    I'll give you a little background.
    I have worked through a local small business that is very high volume for over 6 years and over the time I held just about every position there was to offer. I eventually found my true calling with grooming and since then have gone through training and given the reins on building up my own grooming business within the business. Over the course of the years I have built up a small client base just by word of mouth and now that things are in full swing and I have my own bather, we want to push promotion on it.

    We are designing a flyer to put in the daycare dogs cubbies and boarding dogs bins and while I have ideas on what I would like to highlight in that flyer I felt it may be beneficial to reach out to all of you and perhaps pick some brains about what works for promotion/highlights of what clients look for in a groomer.

    Thank you

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    I'd keep it simple , bright and fun, avoid putting any prices on (used to have it at a corp where we had flyers which had from on them only owners never read the from and had to charge them £18 for a full hand scissored show Trim on a bichon which should have been a whole lot more) instead just put for quote for your breed contact the salon on ...
    Ummmm.... A pic or 2 of your work , highlight what you offer( such as bath only , full grooms , tidy ups, ) if you cater to large breeds too add that on . make it fun but easy to read .

    I'm kinda in the process of creating one myself and I asked my clients what appeals to them in a leaflet. The consensus was pretty much bright, fun , simple, easy to read and not cluttered with too much info.


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      If it's just for the bather, then highlight him or her. Which can also segue into highlighting you. A tri fold flyer you can highlight all sort of things. So the first fold could be..
      "DID YOU KNOW?" Then underneath.. we have added a bather.. then a bit about them.

      Then the next page could be something about what you offer as a grooming place. The shampoos, conditioners, your philosophy. The middle page could be your prices. The next page could be about you. And the last trifold could be something informative, why dogs needs regular grooming or nail trimming?? Flea allergy bites? Add a little information like one flea can bite something like 400 times. (nasty little things)

      And at the bottom of every page put your name and phone number.. so people don't have to search.

      Sounds fun. You could us an animal print of some kind for the background or just use some pretty blue background with green grass or plants. I know my Word program has something like that or maybe VistaPrint does.
      There's always room for another rose in the garden.


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        Thank you for your input!


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          Blue and green are subliminal colors of calm and trust, so I like to incorporate them in my ads. Keep it simple to read at a glance. List basic services available without being too wordy, followed by your phone number in large bold print. Include a photo of yourself (either face only or waist up professionally dressed behind a freshly groomed dog ) so people can put a face to your brand and will recognize you out in the community. If you are a member of any professional organizations, list them after your name. This sets you apart from the rest.