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  • Letting clients know where I am

    A few months ago, I left my job at a boarding facility and started my own shop. I did not contact or say anything to any of the clients. Since I left there my old boss has stopped the grooming part of the business. I have some clients who have found me but I know that there are more who are looking for me. Would it be wrong to advertise on my facebook or craigslist that I used to work at that facility? And how would you word it? TIA

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    Is the old boss willing to refer clients to you for grooming?


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      I would not use the name of the boarding facility directly...that might land you in hot water. I would instead say "The wait is over! luvmybabies, formerly grooming at a prominent (whatever area) boarding kennel, has finally opened her own salon! Drop by at (your address) to see the new salon and schedule your appointment today, or call us at (phone number). Holiday appointments are booking up fast." If you are trying to build clientele, this is where you might offer a one-time free upgrade if they mention this ad (unless you are all-inclusive). Mud treatment, blueberry facial, Dremel nails, etc. I would definitely post a picture of you in your grooming smock so your former clients might recognize you, even if they have forgotten your name. A little trick I learned working as a dental receptionist; even if you are sitting around with not a single dog to groom NEVER say that to a client. Always say "you have had a cancellation" if they could come down right now, or you can "squeeze them in" at 2. It makes the client more appreciative (often in the form of a tip), and it makes you appear more in demand and exclusive rather than desperate for their business. Best of luck with your new salon!


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        The advice you have been given is right on. I sense you feel you cannot call and ask your prior boss for permission to do so. If the business doesn't want to restore grooming now you never know they might like the name being promoted mutually between the two of you. That's pretty idealistic and I have seen that done, but perhaps your departure wasn't so ideal, so the ideas here are fine and no need to stir things up.


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          Thank you again for the advice. I thought that my departure was on good terms. I also do not want to stir things up. She was referring clients elsewhere and even left some hanging on where to go. I only know of 2 clients for sure that she has refereed to me. Which is fine because I do have a groomer at a vets office telling people where I am at. I also have my clients telling people too.