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  • I need to pick your brains!

    a quick background.. I have been grooming since 1995.. I have recently opened a new shop ( last Sept). I have done some but not alot of advertising as I was pregnant and was taking it easy on myself

    So next week (19th) I go back to work with 2 week old in tow. I will take it slow of course, but I need to have a slamming summer..

    The beginning of May I will be doing an open house and of course run promo's thru the summer.

    I need ideas.. I dont have a huge advertising budget but I need to get people in the door.. any and all ideas are welcome

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    anyone ???


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      Do you have a website? A lot of people do internet searches to find their groomer. Then a website would allow them to see pics of your shop & pets you've groomed.

      Then there is the usual, going around to vet offices to leave cards, etc.

      You can also put your info on Craigslist under the Pet Services section.


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        Facebook pages are great for advertising. Maybe get a large banner made with a promo on it that will swarm the people in, like $5 nail trims. You'll get them in the door and then can talk to them about grooming. My fav trick is to grab the furminator brush and make a few strokes while they're close by, tell them when there's a shedding dog in your care you can't help but brush it! Most people are amazed at how much comes out with that brush. There was another recent post about doing special days for certain breeds, maybe take a look at that. I think someone posted on there about a buy one get one half deal, you bring a friend and they get a discount or something along those lines. Call the radio stations and tell them you're a new small business and you wondering if they have any packages that are a little on the cheaper side. We get some specials around Xmas and "be kind to pets week". You can try the referral approach, craigslist, kijiji, etc.. Good luck and congrats on the little one =)


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          found the post about advertising special days:


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            I did an open house when I first opened and offered free toenail trims. I had a representative from a local rescue there, along with a dog trainer who did a demonstration in the parking lot.

            None of this cost me a dime. You can make up little baggies with your business card, some dog biscuits and coupon for $5 off their first visit (or whatever you want) and hand them out as people leave.

            You can have a sign in sheet for their name, address and pets name, and you can send out thank you cards, or come visit us again cards.

            We had lots of people show up and ask quotes, etc. It was in the newspaper (just write up and send out a press release).

            I did this on a Saturday from 10-3, or something like that. We had a lot of fun, and did it again the next year. I didn't have time to do it this spring though. Now I'm too busy.

            Good luck!