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help with logo/tagline?

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  • help with logo/tagline?

    I am working on some brand identity and some aggressive marketing this year and need to solidify my logo and tagline asap... but I'm so lost. I have someone designing my logo and she just sent me proofs.

    The taglines are different on all of them because I don't actually have a tagline right now - we're still trying to come up with the right one.

    We offer dog grooming with one on one attention - you drop your dog off, it gets individual attention the entire time, and you receive a phone call when we're done - usually about two hours. There is no sitting in a busy noisy shop in a crate all day.

    We also offer doggie daycare and cage free boarding for up to three dogs at a time. They are only crated on owner request (such as for sleeping) and are never left unsupervised. They are exercised according to their individual needs.

    We currently offer a small amount of retail and in the near future (we are looking into moving commercial within the next 6 months) will offer a lot more. We will have a boutique-y feel when you enter the spa in the reception/retail area.

    We also plan to offer training classes in all disciplines, and have a flyball team.

    We are an upscale spa catering to middle to upper income families who spend a lot of money on their dogs and will never sacrifice quality for a cheap price.

    Whew! Sorry that was so long. Here is what she came up with so far. Which do you like the best, what do you think should be changed? And the hardest part for me, what should my tagline be? Someone came up with Play. Stay. Primp. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    I like "Play, Rest, Groom" because it actually shows that you are sort of an everything in one. I would go with one of the simpler fpnts, easier to read from far away or while driving past. The dog is cool and would be easy to put on postcards and advertising to make them easy to identify for customers.


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      I like the brown one and you could use just the "f" brown logo as well. To be clear here's a link to the ones I mean:

      As for a tag line I like Sit. Stay. Primp or Clean... can't really decide which sounds better.

      Good luck!
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        How about "for excellence in care,and grooming"Sounds classy to me.
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          I thought maybe you could use something catchy... something that is not tooo cute BUT sticks in peoples minds... we went through several phone numbers offered until I found one that would be 'catchy'.. the last 4 numbers spell out DOGS... people may talk about how they hate things like that BUT catchy works.. and it sticks in their minds.
          Our corporate name has Royal in it.. so we use 'because EVERY pet deserves the royal treatment'... catchy but it sticks with them.


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            I Really like the one with the Lime Green Dog! Cute, fun and to the point!
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              I agree with RPS, my own slogan is "Beautiful grooming is in the d'tails..." since my shop is D'tails Dog Grooming. Catch slogans work!
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                Stay, Play, Bathe