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Maimtenence package pricing?

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  • Maimtenence package pricing?

    I need to come up with pricing plans for yearly maintenence grooming packages. The theory is that the client will save money on frequent grooms while I still earn a fair amount.
    What strategies do you use?

    I've thought of having the client:
    1.Pre-pay for X number of grooms per year
    2.Offer a 20% or more discount on each groom with the expectation (perhaps with a signed contract) they will purchase X grooms (min of 5/yr)
    3. Offer a free groom after having 4 grooms in 1 yr.
    4. ??

    Giving a discount before service is purchased is always risky as the client can change her mind or come up with excuses.

    Thanks for any input on creative pricing strategies!

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    I have nothing to add but I wanted to bump this up cause I'm really interested in how people do this as well. Hope you get some responses!


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      Mine is not written up yet

      But my idea of an owner saving money on frequent grooms starts with pricing for a well-kept dog (groomed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the coat type), and working from there. The groom will be the price you set and should be your starting or base price for the particular breed, meaning the dog has to be in excellent condition, not be an oversized example of the breed, and not have behavior problems. It should not need a precut to qualify for this price.

      Then, if the owners want baths and tidies inbetween, take your styling fee off, so maybe $10-15 less for a bath and tidy. Again, this applies ONLY if the groom is done on the "frequent flyer" schedule. I will probably call it the VIP Club.

      Then, for dogs that don't get done on such a schedule, other fees may apply as necessary, like dematting, precutting (the "overgrown" fee), etc. Of course there are some light-coated dogs that will not need extra time even when they are done only every 3 months, but usually there is more work to do on overgrown coats.

      So start with your base price and work it UP for messier dogs, and remove the styling price for inbetween tidies, that's my best suggestion. Dogs that get groomed 5 times per year are usually more work, but if you REALLY want to give them a "deal", tell them that you'll throw in a free blueberry facial or something like that so that you are not working for nothing.

      Good luck!


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        I am not a business owner, but if I were I think the simplest thing would be to offer 15% (or whatever you think is fair) off grooming for any dog that comes back within four weeks. Easy to keep track of because you can just look and see when the dog was last groomed.


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          I first started I set up a maintenance program. Basically $5 less per groom if less than 4 weeks. I ended up feeling that I was worth the price and just don't do dogs that aren't groomed at least 8 weeks (with a couple of rare exceptions) and most are 4 weeks or less. So all this time later the two that took the program are still getting $5 less. I haven't had the heart to change them.

          I agree though, something like 10 % off for 4 weeks or less might be helpful to get them in for a shop anyway.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            Originally posted by forest cat View Post
            I need to come up with pricing plans for yearly maintenence grooming packages. The theory is that the client will save money on frequent grooms while I still earn a fair amount.
            ... creative pricing strategies!
            You live in the Chicago area and you want to offer discount grooming? Come On! You really don't need to give away 20 cents on every dollar to gain let alone keep a customer. You have the market at your feet if you learn how to sell yourself.

            4.??? Spend a buck on learning marketing and sales..that will take you out of the "give away" mentality. There's alot of good books out there...check some out.


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              I would say that 60% of my clients are prebooked. I charge more than anyone around for the most part, and NEVER give discounts. Not even for my every 2 weekers. Their discount is that I may delay a price increase longer than everyone else, but eventually it will hit them too. Don't discount yourself, if you offer good service and decent work they will just do it.


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                Originally posted by winterroo View Post
                Don't discount yourself, if you offer good service and decent work they will just do it.
                Why do we do this? Sure you will get the bargan shoppers but when you find yourself working your butt off and little to show and stop the bargans you will see your client list out bargan hunting again.


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                  Thanks all, lots of good info & things to think about!
                  I like the idea of a small discount for monthly grooms & am going to develop that concept for select clients.

                  Just for the record, I actually groom only cats, not dogs, as I'm one test dog away from being a certified dog groomer. But I just love the kitties & battle wounds don't faze me.

                  The Chicago market is competitive, my service is new, & yes, I have a lot to learn about marketing. But I am learning!! I had a couple regular clients ask about a discounted grooming program due to economic hardships they were facing & I wanted to give them some slack & still retain their biz.
                  If I can get them to book more frequent grooms, meaning easier work, than spread out harder grooms, I'll discount as I feel it's worth it. Otherwise, I raised my prices 1st of the year & don't discount, except to offer a free add on service as a special, on occasion.


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                    Well.I have a frequent groomer buisness card on the back is 5 circles.For Every 5 stamps you get ,you get $5.oo off.Yes you can save them and use all for grooming.So if you have 10 cards then $50.00 off.
                    Also referral cards done the same way except I send them a refferral card for $5.00 off for each referral.So I have to keep track of this.
                    It s works.That is what we are doing at my shop.



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                      At my shop when we started increasing prices this year I bumped everyone up about 10%. Except my regulars that are on a regular schedule, anywhere from 2 - 5 weeks. Yes I have people come every 2 and 3 weeks. I also offer a 1/2 price brushout/bath and fluff if they come back within 3 weeks of a full groom. I have a referral program that people love and we get a lot of new ones. If a client refers 2 people and they each get a full groom then the one who sent them gets 1 free groom. It works out that I eat 2-3 grooms a month but in return have 10-15 new ones a month. (or more) I have 1,800 pets in my database so that's a lot of referrals. I also offer a 10% discount if paying w/ cash.


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                        How many people agree with me that us groomer COMPLETELY undercharge in the first place. Really.. we charge what like 30 dollars an hour when what we do is really worth $100 an hour. Its just because people dont understand how hard our work really is. Really if you get bitten is it even worth $200??? lol. Im sooo sick of OAYs!!!


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                          Now, we are Mobile but this will give you an idea.:

                          If the pet is every 4 weeks or more there is no discount because I am still doing the same amount of work each and every time.

                          Pets get a discount if they are every 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

                          $$ = Full Groom
                          $$ minus $10 is a Mini groom
                          $$ minus $15 is a Bath and Brush Out

                          If they are weekly they pay the Bath and Brush out price every time, no matter what I do.
                          If they are bi-weekly they pay the Mini Groom price no matter what I do.
                          If they are every three weeks they get $5 off (in between the Full Groom and Mini Groom price) no matter what I do.


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                            I do 10-15 off FG price depending on the condition of the dog.

                            You just need to set boundaries for neaten-up grooms since some people will try to be cheap and bring in matted dogs or dogs with 6-8+ weeks of coat growth that needs serious brush-out time and only pay the neaten-up price.


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                              Here's mine:

                              Maintenance is exclusively for pets on a 4-6 week complete grooming schedule who love to look their best all of the time! Pets may choose from the following schedule every week, every other week, or every third week to maintain a clean, pleasant smelling, tangle free appearance. This service includes:

                              Gentle Massaging Hands-on Bath
                              Ears Freshened and Dirt Removed
                              Anal Glands Expressed
                              Collars Cleaned (if needed)
                              Blow Dry
                              Brush Out
                              Nails Trimmed and Filed
                              Sanitary Trim (under the tail and privates)
                              Spritz of Cologne
                              Bows or Bandana, or Both

                              I think you just need to vary it based on the amount of work it is...say you have a mini schn. on a 4 week complete groom schedule, they come every 2 weeks for a bath/sanitary ...or some call it a mini groom....I personally do it for 1/2 price of the groom-so if you charge $100 (I wish!!!!) then their 2 week would be $50...Now if they are weekly-mini schn again on a 4 week, this is what i do

                              week 1 (after complete trim)-basically bath/brush/nails, i dont do the sanitary
                              week 2 all of the above w/maintenance
                              week 3 repeat week 1
                              week 4 complete groom

                              A mini schn. on a 4 week normally does not have a ton of hair, is virtually tangle free, etc.

                              I guess what I do is kinda figure out what you would charge by the hour from small to OMG! Yorkie to newfie for example. You know how long it take you to do certain breeds in certain trims, etc. Then break it down into whatever minute incriment (sp?) you like, I do 20 min, 1/3 of 60 min/1 hour.

                              Oh, I do reduced rate for the maintenance but when they get the works, its full price.
                              Hope that helps.