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  • Sooo excited!

    I had to share! Our local Starbucks has a wall that they cover in artwork from local artists, painters, photographers, etc.- a new one every month. It's great exposure for the artist, and a great way to sell prints. They have their prices on each picture, and a sign with a write-up and business cards, etc. Well, I finally got the nerve to ask the manager if he would ever consider letting me put up nice portraits of some of my grooming dogs and all my info- and he said YES! Not only that, they were really excited at the prospect of all the cute dogs on the wall. So, this august (that was their first opening) I get to advertise my business in the busiest coffee shop in the state, I swear, and all for free! WooHoo!~ Now I need to start snapping some great photos and work up a menu for the wall...

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    That is so great! Congrats . I give Starbucks homemade treats with all my info on them, and I have gotten a lot of clients that way. Good luck and post pictures of your wall when you get it up!
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      Thanks- and what a great idea with the cookies! Hmmm...mind if I do that too? It might add something 'special' to the wall promo, if I have cookies with cards too...


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        That is fantastic.

        A great way to get out there.
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