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    Hi there,
    I was wondering for those of you out there that have created their own website can recommend a good web hosting site. I looking for something very simple and user friendly. I am somewhat adapt at computer stuff, but was looking to do something myself so I can update easily without having to go through someone all the time. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!

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    I used Andy's Web Tools for both of my websites. Its areound $30 a month for everything but I an log on and do changes instantly. Its like sending email. You can even create forms and do a guestbook, newsletter, etc. Photo albums are easy to do and the help is amazing. Only an email away.

    I tried it for free the first two weeks and then was sold. I redid my shop website in two days. That included building forms and menus and photo albums. The hardest th ing for me was color scheme. LOL
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      Go to

      BLUEHOST, Oz-n-company we designed the web site, and it runs over 10.00 a month,have fun.


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        Most people use GoDaddy.

        We use MacHighway out of Englewood, Colorado. It's a small shop, their telephone greeting even says "you will be connected to a real human being in X seconds". You'll usually get the owner on the phone. And the call is toll free, unlike GoDaddy.

        We pay $10 a month for unlimited mailboxes, six domain names, and we pay an additional $3 for a dedicated IP address. Stellar service, no complaints, and they are Mac friendly. But you don't HAVE to have a Mac to use their hosting service.

        It's very important to us to have a web hosting service that is NOT where we are. Since we maintain an offsite encrypted copy of our business records on the same server, we want to have those records FAR away from possible downtime due to hurricanes and such. Our web site would be up no matter what happened where we do business.
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 very easy!!


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            Godaddy for domain
            Hostgator for web hosting