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  • Getting a website finally!

    I am so excited. I had a new client come in earlier this week. We started talking and I found out she is a website designer. I have always wanted a website for my business, but I am SSOOOO computer stupid. She offered to work up a deal where we will trade services. I have picked my colors and I didn't want to use the logo from my biz cards because it is a design from Vistaprint, so Fran has offered to create an original design for me. I have gone onto her website and viewed her on-line portfolio, she does beautiful work. She is going to get back with me in a few days with more info and designs. I can't wait! I know many of you out there have created your own sites and know where to find free stuff for that purpose, but I am truly technologically challenged and have tried with no success. I even bought the book Websites for Dummies. I didn't understand half the terms in the book. So hopefully we will on the Web in the near future. How many of you out there do on-line scheduling and how does it work for you?
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT

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    I can't wait to see it.

    I can tell you, from doing my own website, it's given me several emotional fits. I have no training so when I run into a stumbling block, it's super stressful. And I'm still working on it/expanding. Whew. Lucky you. You're being spared!
    That Tenacious Terrier!


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      Let me know when it is up.