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    Hey All,

    I am just wondering on if I should give a discount, or what to charge for a weekly or every other week Siberian Husky. Gorgeous dog, very well behaved. I have a set price I did on him for the first groom, and wanted to know if I should give a discount if I have him set on a weekly schedule. I am doing 3 more of his dogs on Monday too. He doesn't want me to do the 4th one because the dog is too aggressive/fearful and wants to wait within time to do her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated too! Oh, and it takes about 40 minutes one way to get there too and takes me about an hour to do the dog. Any advice would be great too! Thanks!

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    I do give a discount for my weekly and bi weekly bath dogs. They dont take as long since you can just "bump" the nails with the grinder and they are obviously in better shape then if you see them OAY. My monthly huskys get about a 5-10 discount over my 3 or 4 time a year ones, but I dont know about mobile. 40 min one way is a long way though, and I think I would ask for the whole month in advance before applying a discount, or maybe do the last week of the month half price or something like that.


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      I don't give discounts because I think my prices are fair

      and reasonable. I had a woman call asking prices today for three dogs. She has a Lhasa, Maltese, and a Cocker. She also lives a good 17 miles one way. It isn't my fault she has three dogs. If I had three clients in the area or on the way to her neighborhood, I would charge each client my regular fee. the work is still then same and takes the same amount of time. It laos uses the same amount of gas, wear and tear on the get the idea. My hairstylist usually has at least one other person in her HOME salon when I arrive and another while I am there. She doesn't give discounts because there are three people in her little salon at once. I choose to be an upscale business, not a discount one. I agree with lyttleravyn
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        It sounds as if you are mobile, if that's the case then the only way I would discount is if it takes me less time doing them on a weekly basis. If it takes the same amount of time regardless of how often they are getting groomed, then I don't discount.


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          Alright, Thanks guys! That does make since. He is not asking for a discount or anything, but I had thought it was a nice thing to do. He is my first weekly/twice a month Client. I just started to do House Call grooming. I am very excited. I just wanted to do something special for him. He also has 4 other dogs he may have my bathe every now and again too. I am doing 3 of them this week and Eventually win the trust of the 4th one to bathe. :-) I am very excited for this too. Thanks again for all of the advice! <3


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            MyBoo - I understand the feeling. I agree that it is wise to not get into the habit of discounting your services, especially as we discussed on another thread, as a MOBILE groomer vs. a stationary salon. Simply do an outstanding job each and every time. If you want to treat him extra special, do small gifts now and then. Maybe occasionally you could bring along a special batch of treats for the dogs, etc. I have a really special client that I occasionally bring her a latte. She is an amazing generous person who is always getting involved in charities, etc. We always have a great time visiting and I consider it my occasion to not rush through. I book a full appointment even though her dog takes no time, get paid full amount and just take the extra time to only real special little treat : ) She appreciates the fact that I am willing to groom her little dog that is a biter and barks at me when I arrive and depart...he's cute anyway.