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  • Client Letter and Survey

    Is this a good idea or a waste of time? "This" being sending the following letter along with a coupon (good through March 31), and brief survey to all 63 of my clients. My motive is to acknowledge that I appreciate them, get the infrequent ones to think about about coming in before spring, and obtain feedback on the business.
    Here's the letter...

    Thank you for helping to make [insert salon name]'s first year a success! As a way of saying thank you, I am enclosing a coupon for $5 off your pet's next visit.

    I hope you will take a moment to fill out the enclosed survey. Your input is important and will assist me in continuing to provide a happy grooming experience for your pet along with top-notch personal service and quality work.


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    I have a first yr coming up next month. Sounds like a good idea. I would be interested in what the survey says if you can share that.


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      Here's the survey:
      1. What do you and your pet like about coming to [Salon]?
      2. What is lacking or needs improving at [Salon]?
      3. Are you aware of the Preferred Client Program?
      4. Does a bath and fluff dry between haircut appointments interest you?
      5. Would you like to see your pet's picture on the [Salon] website?
      6. What, if any, quality retail products would you like [Salon] to sell?
      (shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs, collars, toys, healthy treats)
      7. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being tops, how would you rate [Salon]?
      8. Please feel free to make any additional comments or to add any concerns that you feel
      need to be addressed


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        Love it

        You are on you way to being very sucessful long term.
        The survey you has constructed is dull action, you ask for their input and at the same time upsell on additional services and merchandise!!

        I really liked 3&4

        3. Are you aware of the Preferred Client Program?
        4. Does a bath and fluff dry between haircut appointments interest you?

        Super super LOve it


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          Survey Update

          I'm getting surveys back and I'm so excited. Nothing like asking your clients for a pat on the back in January when things are slow and you're trying not to think negative thoughts about your new business.

          So far clients are more interested in grooming rather than retail, they don't know about the Preferred Client Program (even the ones who are in it--oops.), they really like that I do one dog at a time, and their dogs like coming here. One lady likes me because "his nails are done without cutting him".

          Now I'm thinking about asking some of the clients if I can post their comments of my website. When I first opened, I tried asking a few about writing something but it was too much work and they didn't know what to write. Ask a few questions on a survey and they end up writing all kinds of stuff!

          And now a big thank you to Windyway for posting about her survey which I kind of copied.