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Pawsh Inc App- new app that helps groomers find customers ??

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  • Pawsh Inc App- new app that helps groomers find customers ??

    Has anyone heard of a new app called Pawsh Inc App? Its an app that helps groomers with finding customers. They claim that the groomers get to keep 100% of the money earned from the jobs they help you get. I asked their customer service how they get paid if we get to keep 100% and they responded that they have the customers (people who are looking to hire a groomer)pay for a subscription.they are relatively new company and are partnered with the strip cash app to collect payments from the customers. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of them or anyone who is working with them . Any feedback or reviews would be appreciated . I’m considering working with them but would like to hear from others who hve experience with them .

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    They advertise/explain it poorly. It's like a Rover app for housecall groomers. You need your own business license/insurance, etc. this is just a way to collect leads where the client pays a bit to the app (instead of the service provider). But I don't know if the clients are really aware that Pawsh and the groomer are not connected to each other.


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      By housecall do they rule out mobile?