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    I don’t get much premium during the holidays either. I think it’s a guy thing also though. People look at me as established male. I get the occasional heavy tip, but never like a card with 100$ in it or so. Old school manner of living, the owner of a business doesn’t get the “tips” thing. I’m okay with it usually but yes I bend over backwards and twist for them too. I do maintain a robust business, and am grateful, but boy is it work. This year coming up I’m going to be doing per diem medical work and won’t be as available. This might give them a more appreciative attitude towards what I’ve offered for many years.


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      Originally posted by ItzaClip! View Post
      Would you like the gift I got today? Haha my last client.
      How salacious!


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        Originally posted by Cyn View Post
        Oh, they also bring treats for my horse, he likes to show off for them, lol.
        Do you get the time to ride your horse much?