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So much death recently....

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  • So much death recently....

    This may be ranty, I'm sorry. Feel the need to vent and see where I'm at.

    This year I really feel like there was an influx of the amount of dogs that I groom have passed away. And the sad news keeps coming to me in groups... in the last month I have either gotten a call or a client only brings in one dog on 3 occasions, two of them were this week. I am just at such a loss and getting so emotional about it. Theres a few too that I know the dog must have passed away, but haven't heard from them. Clients have passed away and a family member brings the dog in. Too much death!

    In the previous years, the news of the death of a dog or cliemt always seemed so spread out. I feel like it is affecting me so much more lately because it just keeps happening. Is it that I have been grooming for a certain amount of time (6 years almost, same place) that now I am really seeing the end of life for the first request clients I ever got? Is it just bad luck that it is happening in groups? Is this a normal stepping stone in the grooming industry?

    One very humbling thing to all of this though, is stepping back and looking at what the clients are actually saying to me. They make me understand that I am a good groomer, AND a good person. I keep getting told, every time, "Thank you for taking such good care of my dog. You were so good to her. Thank you for helping us and being honest with us." I am so sad that these dogs I loved have passed away. But on the same note I am happy to see how deep these relationships became with their people, too. I am glad to know that not only am I a good groomer, but I do my job right. I tell them when Fluffy isn't acting right, or when I find a new lump. I tell them why Max's haircut is going to take a little longer now because he doesn't tollerate the dryer anymore. I don't force a dog through anything it can't handle, and I tell the customer when we are going for done not pretty. When a customer doesn't understand, I explain things. When a dog is matted, or overweight and can't stand, I don't just complain about it, I educate the customer. Unfortunately I know not all groomers make a point to really talk to their clients. So it is good to hear that I am doing something right, even in a time when I think "all my clients are dying, maybe I have been here too long."

    But I don't think this means it's time to quit. I feel like this is another chapter in my grooming career somehow. I don't want to hear about another dog or person passing away any time soon, but I know it will happen throughout my grooming career and I feel like I am supposed to take something from it.

    I also want to thank everyone on this forum for helping me do the right thing in my career. I came to this forum because I wanted to better myself, and I have. I am more educated about things that my corp never would have taught me thanks to the threads and articles here.

    Emotions done.

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    part of my motivation in grooming is to prolong their lives and make their experiences with you as best as possible, it still hurts when they die but it's always worth it.


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      This has happened to me also so I know the feeling you are having...this year, I have lost both dogs and owners. There is a brightside....some of your owners will get new dogs and you will see them again(this has happened to me also). It is a joy and the ultimate compliment when they bring you their new pet and they have a smile on their face.......wait and see!


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        I know the feeling well Kaida. 15 yrs in I lost a lot of clients due to death (owners and pets) now 15 yrs later, I have lost due to death 35 clients this yr. Some owners will replace, some dogs will go to new owners. It is sad, but new ones will be along to fill those empty appt slots and fill our hearts with more love.
        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          Thank you all for the reassurance. . This is hard.
          I had another long time favorite owner come in today, dog passed away had to cancel his standing appointment. This is just bad timing, I know, but this is making for a depressing holiday this year... :'(


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            Sorry I missed this thread, I really don't see them all. Just wanted to say sorry with all this bad news.
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              Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a story with you about one of my long time loyal clients. They had traveled to see family for Christmas and their little Molly got out of the yard and was ran over. On the same day I heard another client had died when I sent her a text saying we should go out for that lunch we were talking about and her daughter text me back saying her mother was gone. It was a hard day getting all that sad news. But I want to share something fun I was able to do. I had pictures of Molly and I want down to walgreens and made her mom a mug with her pictures and name on it. And sent her pictures that she hadn't seen before. It meant a lot to her. I am now grooming her new baby Presley!

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