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D.D. (Dutchess Diedre) has passed over

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  • D.D. (Dutchess Diedre) has passed over

    For some who have gone to the All American grooming show for years you may have seen her, when we introduced our Pup Tent table support system she was the model for our Faierie bows, a beautiful Yorkie, she was also wearing her trademark pink fairie wings she sported whenever she was in public with us modeling our lines of bows and collar flowers.

    D.D. came to me as a rescue from a puppy mill type breeder, she had produced numerous liters and none were show quality or even breeder quality so she was kept over with the 'masses' (the group of older 'unadoptable' yorkies due to their age) my dear friend who does Yorkie rescue found her and got her, brought her to us and the net day D.D. was at the Vets for dental. Basically $1,100 worth and she had abscesses in her jaws. it took several months to recover but she did. As with all out dogs we were told she would live for only a few years due to the affects on her heart... she lived to close to 16-17. Every day she came into work with me, I have a portable crib in our shop (all in pink mind you) with a brass doll bed and pink bedding. For the past month or so she has been loosing weight and showing her age but she came in for a bath and she seemed to enjoy it. She seemed to be breathing with difficulty but then she seemed to settle down. All of a sudden I noticed she was sleeping very soundly but it was to soundly... she had passed and my heart is broken.

    I shall miss her for now for I know she will be waiting for me.

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    I am so very sorry for your most precious loss. My thoughts will be with you for many days ahead.


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      So very sorry. Nothing ever makes up for the loss. Read once that we shouldn't cry because they're gone, but should smile that they had been here.