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Brittany has crossed the bridge

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  • Brittany has crossed the bridge

    Last Tuesday I lost my lab mix Brittany. I had her at the vet that morning because she was having trouble getting up. My husband took her. I told him to get blood work done as I just felt something was very wrong. The vet thought it was a spine issue, sent him home with steroids to try. No blood work done. We met for dinner that night and when he got home he texted me her breathing was labored. I got home and she could barely lift her head, labored breathing and she was cold. It was late so I asked him to take her to the er vet so we didn't have to wake up the kids. I kissed her good bye as he placed her in the car. She didn't make it to the vet, she died on the way. It was heartbreaking.
    We adopted Brittany in January of 2011 when she was 9. I had lost my heart dog two months prior and wanted to make something good come from my loss. Thought adopting a hard to adopt dog would do just that. I can't tell you how blessed we were to have had her in our lives. She was amazing and will be dearly missed. She bonded most closely with my husband, but lived us all.
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    8 yrs I've followed you. You are a good person! God Bless you mylady. Sorry for your loss.


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      So very sorry...but the years she had with you were amazing! Just remember she loved you and was loved!


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        Sometimes it's the ones with us for the shortest time that give us the most , and leave the biggest hole in our hearts
        Hugs to you.


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          So sorry for your loss. We wish that they could be with us forever, but know that cannot be. I am so happy to hear that you adopted her as a senior. You gave her more happy years that she otherwise may have been denied. So many of those are overlooked although they are generally the calmest, most loving of all. What a good person you are,