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  • My Kim, sweet sweet Kim

    I'm wrecked, absolutely wrecked....

    This morning, friends that had come for the holidays (and brought their two dogs) were leaving, so we went out for a farewell breakfast. When I got home, the dog's had gotten out of the kitchen, and into where 2 cats were. I walked into the room and found my favorite cat of 14 yrs, Kimba, dead on the floor. No blood thank God, I probably would've thrown up immediately if it had been carnage. It seems that the dog got to her and shook her and either she broke her neck, or died of a heart attack, I don't know.

    I felt awful for my friends, tried not to let them know how destroyed I was, cause they've got to feel horrible as well. The poor dog didn't know, he was just acting on instinct. I'm still really sick to my stomach.

    I keep kicking myself with "if only"'s: If only I had double checked the door to make sure they had closed it. If only they had left at 6am as previously planned. If only I had suggested the dogs be crated before we left. If only Kimba had asked to go out cause it was such a mild day. If only we had put our dogs in with our cats, maybe the other dogs wouldn't have gotten to them, or maybe then one of my dogs would be dead. This is the worst I think I've ever felt in my entire life.

    We're thinking this is for a future time when I'll think about double checking something for my daughter and instead of passing it off as "she'll be fine" I'll listen to my instincts and do it. In that light, if Kimba had to be the sacrifical lamb so to speak, to save my daughter, I'll thank her immensely someday when I see her again. I loved Kim so much.

    She had 22 toes (I counted them again tonight to make sure I'd always remember ). All four of her paws were double paws. She looked like she had big mittens on her feet. She'd drool whenever she purred. She'd always sleep under the covers with me at night, and often all night long. Whenever I was on the computer, she was on my lap keeping me warm. She was an angel in kitty clothing. I've been crying all day. There will never be another like her. Oh but I will be hoping one will come close again.

    Sorry this is so long. I'm still in shock. We had a candle light burial tonight and me, my mom and hubby were sobbing like maniacs in the back yard. The neighbors must wonder.

    Here's a couple pics of her.

    (This happened Tuesday, I wrote it on the old message board, but didn't want it to get lost, so copied over to the new board...)
    No Fur, No Paws, No Service.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. You are a good friend, by not letting them know how very sad you were before they left.

    I loved the pictures of Kimba she was beautiful and must have been one of the best Cats in the universe. I love pets that just want to be close to you whenever possible. I look forward to the day you will see her on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


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      Kimba is an angel

      I didn't read this post for as long as I could, because I knew that it would make me cry. It reminds me of my little angel fur babies.

      Kimba is a precious angel. The photo of Kimba next to the lighted lamp is absolutely stunning!

      I beleive that you are right. Kimba came to you as a special angel to remind you to be always watchful of your daughter. God must have given Kimba all those extra toes, because she had such a very important path to walk in life. Kimba is truly your angel sent from heaven.

      The deeper that someone touches our hearts, the harder it is to say goodbye. You and Kimba are so lucky to have known that kind of friendship. My thoughts are with you and beautiful Kimba, Gods special little angel.
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        Oh how awful..I'm so sorry.
        I know what you are going through. I had a similar situation happen when I was babysitting a friends dog while they were in between houses. The dog was use to cats, so I really didn't think there would be a problem.
        I was home when it happened. I was in the bathroom and heard something, I won't go into details, but it was a mess. I totally flipped. I called the dogs owner and told her to come and get her dog and find someone else to watch her....I didn't really blame them or the dog, but more myself for thinking the dog and cat would be fine. But after seeing something like that, I just wasn't comfortable having the dog around. And I couldn't help but think what if it was one of the kids..I had my son and babysat the dogs owners son too..they were both 3 months. I just didn't want to take the chance even though I would never leave a kid and any dog alone.
        Then they tell me that this dog had also killed their pet duck and 2 puppies before. (wish I would have known)

        Sorry again about your kitty.


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          I'm so sorry for your loss. She was such a beauty. I will keep you in my prayers.


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            I'm so sorry for your loss. You will have her with you always in you loving memories of her. It's so hard to lose a pet, but you can always think back and remember the beautiful times you had with her.


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              How very tragic. I hadn't come to this forum before so apologize for the week that has gone by since you posted this. Still wanted to say how sad I am for you. Her pictures are beautiful -- only a groomer would have a picture of her cat with a hair cut! Made me smile. I love my kitties so much -- I know how it hurts. my sympathy to you


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                I just read your post. I am so sorry for your shocking loss. I, too had a loss of a pet--a friend,a client. My two favorite Schnauzer, Kaiser . Now just Max. Maybe you read my post. I have had him on my mind all day. I am very sad. It is draing to loose a pet, even if he was a client. I always told him I loved him and kissed him on the head, only 2 weeks ago. I talk to them and answer for them. We had joke, K. would say he was better-looking and looked nuttin like Max,vis-versa---I could barely tell them apart. Now only 1.


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                  I am so sorry for you and for your friends.