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Timber, has gone to the Rainbow bridge

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  • Timber, has gone to the Rainbow bridge

    My client called me this afternoon and let me know that Timber had been put to sleep on Sat. What a shock! Timber was one of the nicest Springers. His owner would bring him in and just let go of his leash and Timber would get right up on the grooming table. He knew what he had come for and wanted it done so he could go home to his human Mom. Robin (the Mom) has MS and use to bring him in to groom and would sit and visit with me while I groomed Timber. She just couldn't bare to leave him here by himself. He was a very good dog with her here. He may have been terrible if she had left him really. For the last 3 years her MS had gotten worse so her husband was bringing him now and would sit and wait too. But you could just tell Timber wanted to go home and be with his Mom. He was always very good.

    I was so surprise to get this phone call today. I had forgotten that on his last visit he had lost a lot of weight and just seemed a little down. He was still good to groom didn't give me any problem but he just wasn't himself.

    The owner told me Timber had conjested heart failure.

    This is the second Springer I have groomed for this family in the 13 years I have had my shop open. Timber wasn't that old, I think I started grooming him 2001 and he was probably at least a year old by then.

    He is going to be missed dearly. His owners did say that if they ever got another dog I would be their groomer. I thought that was nice of them to say at a time like this.

    Here a pic of him on the last grooming.
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