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Sully went to the bridge (client)

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  • Sully went to the bridge (client)

    Not my Sully, but one of my favorite clients named Sully
    I first wrote about Sully on this thread
    Today the neighbor of the owner called me. I groom her two dogs as well. She wanted to let me know they had just come from the vet where Sully had been put the sleep. I knew when she called what it must be about. I had just groomed her dogs so she didn't need to book anything and I knew Sully hadn't been doing well. I dissolved into tears on the phone, so I was happy it was the neighbor and not the owner as I am sure that wouldn't have helped her at all. I can't really even pinpoint what made this guy so special to me, he just was.
    I went and bought a lovely Azalea bush that had two shades of pink blooms and a card and dropped it off on her porch. Her neighbor had told me she didn't really want to see anyone and I wanted to respect that. She needed her time alone to grieve I am sure. I'm hoping in the future every time the bush blooms it's lovely flowers she can think of Sully and smile.
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    Read your other thread, so sweet!

    I too have a soft spot for some dogs that can't be explained.

    there are some "bad" ones that would probably rip me a new one if they could, but there is something about them that is so endearing even tho they like to show me their teeth!

    I'm sure Sully's owner will be very appreciative of your kind gesture!


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      Awww, what a lovely gesture with the Azalea bush. I 'm certain it is appreciated.


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        I used to have an old poodle that I groomed. I called him my therapy dog cause he was super sweet and loved his grooming and was so calm. I always booked him as the last groom for the day. He calmed me down and after a busy day and it was nice to end the day with a great dog, as you know. I also was then working in a vet clinic as a groomer. Anyway, I groomed the dog on a Friday. That Monday the owner of the dog came in with a white bag and said that my therapy dog was now at the Rainbow Bridge. The owner and I had a good cry. The white bag had his ashes in it. She had come to pick up his ashes(the clinic has their own creamatory) I am still looking for another "therapy dog".