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Terra, we'll miss you (long)

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  • Terra, we'll miss you (long)

    Today my Rott/Dobie died. I've had her since I was in the 3rd grade and I am now 25. She has been on her death bed for about a month. I tried to get my parents to put her to sleep because I couldn't stand to see her in such bad shape. They refused so the only thing I could do was treat her like she was in a nursing home. As much as it hurt me, I tended to her and I hope she is happy with everything I did for her. My family isn't as strong I guess because they kind of ignored the bad shape she was in. That's what hurt me the most. The fact that my family just waited for her to pass and I KNOW they didn't give her the attention she needed, even though they insisted they were doing the things I told them she absolutely needed. Sorry if it sounds like I'm talking bad about my family but I have never been so sad in my life at the way people acted towards a pet. And my own parents! I hardley ever stand up to my mom (yes I'm 25) but within the past couple months while she has been getting worse, I just didn't care anymore, I didn't care if i pissed her off or hurt her feelings, I told her what had to be said. Things changed a little but, as soon as a few days past, things were back to how they were. She got so offended once when I told her she wasn't being cared for properly, she stopped talking to me for 3 days! My mom's very difficult, and stubborn. I have been furious at my parents but I still did most of the caring for her because it wasn't her fault, she needed to be treatd like she was in a nursing home. Ok now I'm going off, but the only reasoning I can get from this is that they were too sad and weak to face the facts. Just because you ignore it, doesn't mean it's not there! Oh if only I could say that to my mom!!
    Well as I'm sitting here, writing to you guys, my family is in the next room watching old videos with Terra in them. Why didn't you go outside and spend time with her when she was still alive!?!?
    I covered her up every night, spent time with her, gave her kisses and hugs and did everything one person could do. I just got home and turned to go out to see her, then remembered she's not there anymore. I miss her so much, but I know she's not in pain anymore.I always had my dog Sweetpea, a Maltese go out with me to visit "Grandma". He hated it but he would sit there with us for a while, so she knew she wasn't alone. She's still not alone because I love her and miss her more than anyone knows.

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    So Sorry

    THere are so many reasons that loosing a loved pet is hard on us.

    I lost my heart dog two years ago in Dec, and I can still cry if I think
    of some things.

    There is a site call pet loss dot com and it is a wonderful place to
    go when you have some time. All the people there are going through
    some of the things you are. It really helped me through a terrible time.

    I know your baby is fee and happy and waiting for you on the other side.
    You take care and don't feel to bad. Her time of waiting is over, and
    she is probably so happy she wouldn't want you to feel guilt ove all this now.
    Take care of yourself too. Try to think of the good things.
    Thats what our sweet dogs do with us.


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      That is so sad I remember when my cat passed at 23, it gets to you young or old.


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        Oh Jessi, I am so sorry that you lost your baby, and also sorry that you had to go through a rough situation with your parents!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          So very sorry for the loss of your beloved Terra.

          I lost my beautiful Ace, a Rottie, this last Dec. and it is still hard to think that my beautiful boy isn't around any longer. It does get easier. I can look out the window and not cry now. They become such a part of our every day life. I also believe that we will have our treasured pets on the other side. Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without our pets.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."