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My beautiful Teddy

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  • My beautiful Teddy

    Thank you for your kind words in the previous post, especially Lisa, Helly and Lucy in the Sky.....

    My beautiful Teddy went to sleep yesterday, surrounded by love from me, Zoe and Spencer. Emily was there in spirit. He was my best friend for many, many years. To keep him any longer would have been selfish, and he was too good for that. We have lots of good memories.

    If drugs smelled like tennis balls he would have had a job. At New Year's we went to my Aunt Audrey's house in Montreal. He had never been to her house before. After a quick greeting, the first thing he did was put his head into her ceramic umbrella stand. We couldn't figure out what he was doing until Aunt Audrey said there was a tennis ball in there! His eyes, ears, and back legs may not have worked very well anymore, but there was nothing wrong with his old sniffer.

    We remember the Christmas morning he fit three tennis balls into his mouth (and lips!) at the same time.

    We remembered playing a game with Teddy years ago. We would throw his ball down the hall into the far bedroom. He would run after it and we would begin throwing a stuffed animal back and forth between us, counting each toss. Teddy would come running back and immediately try to grab the animal. The trick was to get in as many throws and hide it before he got back to steal it. We all loved it!

    We remember that whenever the kids were rough housing, Teddy would get excited and pull off your socks!!!! He would use his tiny little front teeth to nibble them and then pull them right off your foot. Once, he even pulled off Zoe's sock as she was having a nap on the living room couch!

    We remember playing frisbee in the park, and how proud of himself he was when he caught it in the air. He would bring it back with a special strut.

    We remember Zoe's 10th birtday party in the back yard. All the guests took turns lying in the grass and letting Teddy lick cake and ice cream off their faces!

    We remember when he was a puppy and liked to chew up our underwear. A then 7-year-old Spencer said that Teddy liked his underwear "fresh off the bum".

    We loved him dearly, and will miss him terribly.

    Jayne, Emily, Zoe and Spencer
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    awww, bless your heart! He is such a handsome little man. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he passed while surrounded with love and respect. (((hugs)))
    Mandy, Birdie, Evie, Willie and The Woo
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      So sorry for your loss, sounds like you had a special guy..... just remember he was lucky to have a great Mom like you and you were lucky to have such a wonderful freind! What a great tribute to a great family member!


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        That is so sad. He seemed like a very good dog. I'm so sorry.


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          Sorry for your loss.


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            What a great looking boy! So very sorry for your loss.
            Sounds like if there are any lost tennis balls around the rainbow bridge he's the one that will find them.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Sweet Teddy

              What a handsome boy he was, such a natural smile, too. I bet that was because he lived with such a great and loving family. A family that let him be exactly who he was meant to be; a silly happy-go-lucky, ball-playing golden. It looks like he was the kind of dog that most people hope to have. You were very lucky. He was very lucky.

              I am so sorry for your loss and the emptiness in your home.



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                What a handsome fellow! Tell your kids there are PLENTY of tennis balls in Heaven.
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                  I am so sorry for your loss

                  I agree with what has been said. When I clicked on the photos, it really got to me. I hope someday he will send a new pup with special qualities your way.


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                    Awww, sorry for your loss...they are so hard to lose .


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                      So, so sorry for your loss.
                      He is lucky to be remembered in so many special ways.


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                        Oh FFur...I'm so sorry. I remember seeing one of those pictures of him last Summer, or the one before(?) and thinking what a luxurious coat of golden fur he has!
                        You should be very proud of yourself for never losing perspective of the quality of Teddy's life, and truly putting his comfort and peace ahead of your own heartstrings. If you should feel the occassional tug on those heartstrings's prolly just Teddy saying thanks for a great ride. Viva la Teddy!
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                          I'm so sorry about Teddy. My thoughts are with you.
                          Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
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                            Fur--So sorry for your loss, he looks so sweet and kind. My thoughts are with you.