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  • Saying Goodby

    For those of us that have had to make the final decision.

    Final Goodnight

    Yesterday I made a choice,
    You were in such pain,
    It was in your voice.

    To keep you here or let you go,
    The guilt I felt you’ll never know.

    Even though my choice was right,
    a part of me I had to fight,
    not to let you slip into that final goodnight.

    With love for you, my decision made,
    I feel the loss will never fade.

    But knowing that your pain is gone,
    And that your soul has now moved on,
    I bless each day I spent with you,
    and live with what I had to do.

    Yesterday you went to sleep,
    but in my heart I’ll always keep,
    my precious memory of love so deep.

    Juli Mills

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    That is just beautiful!! Did you write that poem yourself?