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  • Good Bye Little Dallas

    I lost one of my housecall clients today. He has been sick several weeks, the vet said it was either lung cancer or pneumonia. They have been treating for the pneumonia hoping for the best. He was at the vets on a IV for several days, then at home for about a week & 1/2. I went to see him Sat & gave him a bath. I also took him some chicken liver and rice I had cooked, hoping he might eat. I cried all the way home Sat, knowing it might be my last visit. His mom emailed me this morning, said things had gotten really bad & they were taking him to the vet this afternoon, he was not eating, having a hard time breathing and they decided they didn't want him to suffer any more. He was the sweetest little Lhasa, he would have been 10 years old this Sunday. He always ran out to my car when I showed up,, barking & carrying on, running back and forth the whole time I was unpacking my stuff. Then he would bring me his ball once I was inside. We always took the ball in the tub, he loved his ball. He was a perfect angel to groom and always did a happy dance once I was done. He was such a sweet little guy. It just breaks my heart. His parents loved him dearly, I know they are going to have a sad Christmas. I will miss my little friend! (The picture of him on the couch is right after he came home from the vet & the other one is of me & him on Sat, after his bath.)
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    Sorry for your and their loss. He looks like a cutie.

    Sad they don't know cancer from pneumonia though at the vets there isn't tests for that?


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      Awww, he is really cute. Bless his little heart. I am sorry for your loss.
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        All dogs go to Heaven.
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          Originally posted by Dog Daze View Post

          Sad they don't know cancer from pneumonia though at the vets there isn't tests for that?
          Cancer & pneumonia mimic each other on an xray. The only way to know for sure is to have a biopsy. A lung biopsy is major surgery. Just went thru the same thing with my mom, she had a spot on her xray, the only way they could tell for sure was to do the surgery, go in a get it out. Mom did have cancer, but is doing ok now. Thats why the vet treated Dallas as if he had pneumonia, hoping the meds would work. His parents decided major surgery on a 10 year old dog was more that they could handle.


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            so sad

            Gosh it is so hard when we loose one condolences. - g


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              He looked like such a sweet dog and you describing his love for his ball was a perfect picture.
              I am so sorry for the loss; he's out of pain and is watching over all of you.
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