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Nancy's bad year

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  • Nancy's bad year

    I just recently left a job that I was miserable at, but like anything in life, it wasn't ALL bad, and one of the good things there was our part-time receptionist, Nancy. I don't think a kinder soul has ever walked this planet. She and her husband have given a home to some of the world's rejects. They're involved in a pet therapy group that tests dogs for suitability to visit hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Just really good people.
    At the beginning of the year, they had three dogs, all of whom were rescues, all of whom had special needs. First they lost Toolow, who had multiple physical problems, and finally had to be put down several months ago. They'd had him about ten years. Then Magic, who I think was about 16 years old. In the meantime, after they lost Toolow, they adopted Langley, a little dog that one of our clients decided they didn't want any more.
    Well, last night, Langley went into extreme respiratory distress, they rushed him to the emergency vets, but he didn't make it. They had just had him to their vets on Friday, because he seemed to be breathing heavily, but the vet couldn't find any thing apparently wrong.
    My heart just aches for her, please say a prayer for her.

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    That's terrible! So many bad things at once! They sound like such great people too!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones