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  • I Know travelers' Time.....

    I know Traveler and Jax times are coming. I hate to ask but, what do you do after the passing? Burry, cremate and keep an urn? I don't want to see an urn. I left Pirate with the vet tech to put down. I just pretended he was going to live with her....I couldn't stand to see him actually go. You see my fav dog ever, Pirate on my profile and all other boy/girl pics lately. He loved his outfits and wore hats willingly. Candy died 3 weeks later, Pis' ashes came back to vet by mistake so I had his put in Candys' bag to cremate together, then scattered over Sonoma Valley, Ca.The Sees candy house was at Sees ccandy store. His first birthday. They ket me into store to take a few pics. The co newspaper printed it for employees and an article saying " Another loyal sees customer. He never really tasted sees or any chocolate, as we know it can kill a dog.Travi seems ok. I am giving him big food portions to plump him up. He was boney. I think he is gaining....that is a good sign.

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    I have my Duke's ashes

    I was soooo distraught I would not even let the company come to pick up his body. I had to take him there myself. Carried his 80 pounds inside all by myself. And stayed until I could have his cremains in my hands.

    He was my most all time favoritest baby. Even to this day. (Hard to believe)

    I purchased a ceramic Weimaraner to be an urn, but never did finish the project.
    I keep the ashes in a closet. This way I will always have them.

    I wish I'd done the cremation thing with several other dogs & my foal Kerrey too- just never thought about it.



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      It depends on what you want. There are lots of options out there! There is a company that makes diamonds out of deceased pets. I have a client who is thinking of having his departed schnauzer stuffed.

      I LOVE the idea of Eternal Reef, so all my pets are cremated and put up until I die (I will be cremated) and then our ashes will be mixed with cement and poured into a form. This will create an artificial reef that gets dumped off the coast and will support marine life and I will get to be with my pets forever.

      You just have to find something that feels right to you.


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        All of our pets have been buried. Some under trees, others on hilltops...Not all were buried in the same places becuase we moved around some. But each time I'm in the neighborhood of a place where an old pet is buried I visit it. One in particular is such a sweet and peaceful site. Under a large willow tree in a meadow - it's picture beautiful. I read once that if your pet's remains are under a tree the tree will hold the life of that pet. I don't know how true that is. BUT it seems when I'm in that spot I feel my old dog hugging me with those big long willow branches. It's a wonderful, comforting & peaceful feeling. I agree that you have to do what feels right for you. I think all of mine in the future will be buried in special places as well.


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          I had my Sasha cremated. Her ashes are supposed to be back sometime this week. I decided on having her cremated because 1..I don't plan on living where I am for too much longer, so I didn't want to bury her here, and 2..when I die, she is getting buried with me.


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            All ours are buried in front yard next to the azaleas,camiellas, and under the dogwoods and magnolias, with tulips spread around the graves.
            Never gonna know if you never even try