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Goodbye Sheba, we will miss you!!

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  • Goodbye Sheba, we will miss you!!

    One of my favorite clients passed away on thursday. To say that she was a regular boarding client would be understating it. Her owner started traveling a LOT for work and she would stay w/us for months at a time. Before you all start saying how terrible he was for not finding her another home you have to understand Sheba. She was NOT a friendly dog until she got to like you and she didn't "take" to people easily. She was also very animal aggressive and the likelyhood of her getting a "good" home in this area were slim. Instead, she probably would have ended up a junk yard dog or used to bait fighting Pitts.

    Anyway, like I mentioned Sheba was not good w/most people BUT, once you gained her trust she was the BEST. The last time she boarded w/me she went home on December 23. She had a tumor in her tummy that was slowly sapping her. Lasix helped for a while, but on thursday she came in for the night, got on the couch w/her owner, laid her head in his lap and just stopped breathing.

    Her daddy was crying when he called me on Friday and that was sooo upsetting. The only thing I can be glad of is that she died at home w/her daddy and that she went in such a peaceful way. I am posting some picts that I took of her before she went home at Christmas. Just wanted to share, thanks for listening.
    SheilaB from SC

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    Oops, forgot the pictures

    Here is Sheba.
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    SheilaB from SC


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      That's so sad, but in a way, so nice. I'm glad she went so quietly and at home. We had a cat die like that, she laid down next to us, and purred herself to sleep, never to wake up. Sorry, too, for you. It's like losing one of your own when a customer's dog goes.
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        Awe, I'm so sorry. *hugs* But it is good that she went at home and was loved.


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          Lucky for Sheba that she made such a nice connection to a couple of important people in her life! I often wonder when older dogs don't come in for awhile and I don't feel comfortable calling and asking if they are still alive. I wish that more owners would realize that we would like to know if a pet passes, sometimes we do get calls but not always. Once an owner sent a photo postcard out in rememberance which I thought was very nice.


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            Having to lose these animals that we've grown so attached to is probably the most difficult thing about being a groomer. It always makes me feel better when I know one has gone on its own, without suffering. It seems like there have been so many lately that have left.
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              Oh, that's a heartbreaker and that dog is so cute. Like Erin said, so sad, but at the same time, so sweet. He died right there with his head in his owner's lap. That's the way it ought to be.

              Tammy in Utah
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                Sheba couldn't have planned it better, at home with her Daddy. So sorry for the loss you are also feeling at this time. They may not be our pets but they are our pets and we care for them just as much as their "real" owner does, and it hurts when they pass away.
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