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My little old beagle.

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  • My little old beagle.

    My family adopted Lily from a rescue group when she was estimated to be 7-8 years old. She was dumped with her mate at a large house belonging to an old lady. The 90 something year old woman kept them in her basement and walked them twice a day up and down the stairs to give them exercise until the rescue group could take them. She was heartworm positive and recently had puppies which were never found.

    Despite the fact that she was considered a senior when we got her, she didn't show it. I took her for walks in the woods, trained her, which we all know isn't the easiest thing with beagles. If I tied her to a tree just a few feet away she would bellow until I went back to get her.

    As she got older she slowed down gradually, but always pulled through every obsticle. She's had tumors removed several times, liver failure, kidney failure, a chronic cough, and arthritis. We always thought she would be the first to go but our other beagle who was about the same age passed away last year. For the past year or two she's had problems going to the bathroom, she always had to have a piddle pad close by because she would have to pee often, but recently she stopped getting up to go to the bathroom.

    My parents did what they could to make her comfortable, they took her to the vet every week for a shot for arthritis, kept her on meds for her cough and incontinence, paid for multiple surgeries, rounds of antibiotics, meds for her liver and kindeys, etc. But on Tuesday they made the decision to put her to sleep. They waited to tell me until this weekend when they came to visit me. I believe they made the right decision, but I think I'll always regret not being able to be with her to say goodbye. If they had told me, I probably would have driven up to VA to be by her side.

    Here are some pics of Lily: (this one was after I shaved her down which was easier on her than having her blown coat brushed out)

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    Maggy, I had just clicked another thread when I caught a glimpse of this one and hit my back button. I am SO sorry to hear that your dog has passed on. That is very sad, and I know that it must be hard to not have been able to say goodbye in person. Your parents sound like great people to me---you always say such nice things about your dad, I can't imagine your little old beagle being in better hands.

    So sorry about this.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Thank you, Tammy. I've been expecting it for a while, I actually didn't really react to the news, I was sad but until I was typing the post it just didn't hit me. Thats why I didn't post about it until tonight, I wasn't sure how I was feeling.

      My parents did a great job of taking care of her. They did everything they could, even as she became incontinent they worked with her even though they always said that incontinence would be a deciding factor in the decision. She still seemed to be enjoying life, so they would clean up after her, went through countless piddle pads, used protective pads on her couch. (Yes, she even had her own couch. lol)


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        Maggy, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know it couldn't have been easy on you to not have been with Lily to say your finally good bye. It sure sounds like her life improved greatly when she came into your family. Good people like you and your family are what this world needs more of.
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          Oh Maggie, I'm so so sorry. I just can't imagine how you are feeling right now, especially not being with her. But I know that she was well cared for, and loved. I'm glad that she was able to live with your parents as long as she did, especially since you didn't know about her life before you. I know that your parents did the right thing by Lily. I'll be thinking about you, and hoping that you are doing well.
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            Thanks everyone, I'm actually taking it better than I would have expected. When Pretzel passed away I had to take a day off of work because I was so upset. I think it helps to try to remember all the good times (even if they didn't seem good at the time). We found out she was paper trained before we got her because one time when she had been left inside too long, she climbed on our kitchen table and peed on my dad's newspaper.

            She always loved to roll in the grass, even as she was getting older and not doing much other than sleeping, my parents would take her out in the front yard and she would just roll on her back enjoying the grass. She made it look so much fun! She would mouth at the air and twist and turn so much that sometimes she'd end up chewing on her feet.

            I do think she was a house dog before she was left at the old lady's house, the first night we brought her home she jumped up on the couch and got nice and comfy, she let out a happy moan (which I later learned she did a lot lol) but I mistook it for a growl so I ran crying to my parents that the new dog was growling at me, we had just returned a lab/beagle mix to another rescue group because she had dominince problems and would snap at me. I was very happy to learn that Lily didn't have a mean bone in her body.


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              So sorry for your loss Maggie- what a sweet looking girl she was and it sounds like she couldn't have fallen into better hands than she did with your family. Keep those happy memories close to your heart- even if you weren't with Lily at the end, she knew you loved her.


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                I'm so sorry for you and your family. Lily is such a cutie! I love that first pic of her snuggled up in that big pillow. She looks like so much fun. You can never replace an old friend, but you can remember all the wonderful times you had together. I'm sure she's thinking of you now, and sending you wonderfully slobbery kisses!
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                  Awww Maggy, I must of been gone when you posted this. Somehow I missed it. I know it's a week late, but I too, am so sorry for your loss. I know you said you were expecting it and I'm sure that helped to ease the pain some, but still it's so hard on us to lose our pets. Just wanted you to know I care and that I am thinking about you and your family!