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  • In Honor Of Dundee

    Today, my favorite patient at the hospital I work at, passed away. He was a border collie, the sweetest dog I've ever known. He had been in and out of the hospital for about 2 & 1/2 months if not more. He was there for one problem and got better. When he came back for his check up a few weeks later, cancer was discovered. He came back for chemo, I think 2-3 times and every visit, it was obvious he was getting much worse. The cancer had taken over his poor body. I had grown very close to him because I was his nurse. The first time he was admitted, he was there for about a month staright and I was his nurse, in the daytime. Each time after that, I made sure he was MY patient because I love him so much.
    I knew he was getting worse and I only thought about how I would handle the day he was going to be euthenized (sp?). Today was the day. It started out a great morning laughing alot, ina good mood. I was sitting at a dog's cage doing his treatments and my co-worker walked in and said I have some news that is going to make you cry. I knew right away and I lost it. she told me what time he was coming in and I asked her to ask the intern to let me know when he got there so I could say bye. The time rolled around and I was so nervous, already crying my eyes out. the intern paged me and told me his parents were in an exam room and they said I could come anytime to say bye. That was the saddest walk down the hallway I've ever had.
    I didn't care who saw me cry I was ballin my eyes out, but everyone understood.
    I sat down by him as other employess pet him then he turned around saw me and gave me a big kiss and layed down by me. He only would kiss me. Even before that, he would always know if I was in the room, everyone would say "there's your favorite nurse!". Well...I held him while he got his IVC put in and I walked him back to his parents. In the room, There was alittle doorknob hanger with an "angel dog" on it and that just made me lose it again because that was soon him. I saw his parents and they let me hug him and kiss him and say good bye. We were all crying, (still am and have been all day) they said "thank you for taking such good care of him". Then I told him he was a good bubbas , kissed his head and walked away as I saw his happy little eyes watch me leave the room one last time. I love you Dundee and I will miss you!!!
    Thanks for listening everyone it does mean a lot

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    so sorry

    I'm so sorry about Dundee - he sounds like a wonderful dog. And you sound like a wonderful nurse. Even though it hurts so much, it was good that you could be there to say goodbye. God grant you peace.


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      Dundee and his parents were blessed to have someone like you providing care for him during his hospital stays. When Cosette was battling cancer, it always comforted my heart when I could tell she was fond of the vet student assigned to her. I'm sure that same peace of heart meant the world to Dundee's parents too. You were his guardian angel here on Earth. My heartfelt sympathy for your loss.


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        thank you so much

        Thank you Terry & Cosette, it makes me feel good to read these replies.