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    Santa brought me this great CD and put it in my stocking, it is called Creature Comforts - Music for pet stress and seperation anxiety. There are 2 CD on the back it says . I hope Santa or who is next... the Easter Bunny brings it to all grooming shops:-)

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    What kind of music is it Gracey Rose? Is it something a person can listen too as well w/out getting A customer brought in a CD last week for us to listen to. I can't remember the name of it but I don't think it was the same as yours (same type though). Unfortunately I didn't get to listen because I had to leave early (sick kid). I need to ask Julia what she thought but I keep forgeting to ask.
    SheilaB from SC


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      Perfect! Just what I was looking for... thanks for sharing!

      I was able to listen to some tracks Online and am looking forward to playing this music when I groom.