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    Our 11 year old minpoo is an apricot. Mostly cream with darker ears. His coat was always sparse, a bit wiry, with a sprinkling of wiry red hairs down his back. After a minor surgery a few years back the hair at the site came back a gorgeous apricot color, but then as it grew more the new growth was cream. Trauma induced?

    End of May he herniated a disc in his neck and spent several months on lots of meds, then in early July was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then his coat has been coming in a beautiful dark shade of apricot, much thicker than ever before, and a lovely mix of wiry and yet soft texture. Everywhere except his skull which has remained obstinately cream.

    I have been trying to understand the cause and effect aspect of the illness to the change of coat color and texture to no avail. His entire body has been under stress with the diabetes, and the skin and hair follicles can be assumed to be affected as well. But why for the better? Why thicker and much deeper in color? Any of you have thoughts or experience?

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    Did you ever learn more about this? I missed it.


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      I have seen this in my shop....also wondering what causes the change.


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        I have not. Vet recognizes that it happens, but didn't offer any explanation.
        Mixed blessing-we seem to have Tiger's diabetes under control, but now I can see the new growth of his coat and it is the cream color again. He is overdue for a haircut but I hate to cut off any of that beautiful color!