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Leptospirosis - client dog dies

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  • Leptospirosis - client dog dies

    Received a call yesterday from a client whose dog we have been grooming since she was a pup 4 years ago.

    The last two times we groomed her I noticed how thin she was and expressed my concerns. They said she was eating but not well, didn't take her to the vet until last week.

    She was vaccinated, but there are many strains of the bacterial infection. Very scary, only 4 years old - kidney and liver failure caused by Lepto.

    Obviously, her family is devastated, it includes 2 young children...

    She was a fun loving silly OES/Border Collie mix. A very pretty dog...

    Run free at the bridge dear Daisy...we will miss were a good girl...

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    I'd contact the vet that did the initial vaccine. Last time a dog came into the clinic with Lepto and was vaccinated previously, the drug company paid for everything.

    Your friend is also really lucky she or another dog didn't come in contact with that dog's urine. Lepto is a zoonotic disease.


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      So sorry your client lost her pup but lepto is as hit and miss as it comes. Too many strains and the latest research shows its not terribly effective due to so many strains. It is also shown to cause latent itching for up to 2 years after a vaccine....and owners and families of dogs vaccinated with it are more likely to develop lepto themselves.

      Food for thought.
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