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Spuratic (Sp?) Diarrhea

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  • Spuratic (Sp?) Diarrhea

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me...I have a Neapolitan Mastiff that has been getting diarrhea on and off for his whole life and has never really had a firm stool for a whole day (it will start out firm and turn into soft and mushy by the end of the day). I have had his stool tested a couple of times and they find nothing. The only thing I can pinpoint it to is when I try to change his food...I know they can get diarrhea from that if you do it cold turkey so I do it VERY gradual, and I know some foods just don't agree with them, but I find it hard to believe that EVERY food doesn't agree with him! I just want to find a food that is a little less expensive and easier to get (I have to drive quite a ways to get it-the local pet store that carried it went out of business) if possible (he eats 8-10 cups a day-33# doesn't go very far!). I currently have him on Eagle Pack Giant breed holistic chicken, and was trying to switch him over to Pro plan sensitive skin/stomach (salmon based) which is what one of my poodles is on. As much as I would love to do raw or anything like that, I have 5 dogs and not enough time. Is there any supplements or anything like that that I could give him? I am tired of cleaning up diarrhea!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm interested to see what folks say too, I'm in a similar boat. I've only had Brenna a month and a half but her stools at the most firm have always been soft, and that lasts just a day or two. She's been on flagyl for 9 or 10 days now and is still getting soft stools. I'm hoping to switch her to california natural's herring & sweet potato, but like you said switching the food makes it worse.

    When I switched her to the food she's on now, I gave her a ratio of 3/4 old to 1/4 new and that was enough to give her the runs. I tried mixing it with rice, but it didn't help much either.

    She didn't help matters by chewing up a pumice stone last night.


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      Just a suggestion

      Wow! That sounds very unpleasant. Perhaps you can add some of our foods to his dog food that are binding such as bananas and, I think, potatoes and rice. My dog gets 1/2 banana everyday due to his medical condition and he loves it. Maybe it will help and I don't think it could hurt.


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        I just went to the vet, not for this, but discussed it with him (long story, horrible morning and had no time to collect a sample to bring in. He said to try hamburger and rice (1/4 hamburger to 3/4 rice ratio) mixed in with a cup or so of his regular food. He said I can also try metimucel wafers 1/2 wafer 2 times a day. Or canned pumpkin too (not pie filling, but the unsweetened kind). He said on rare occasion that some dogs have an intestinal disorder that doesn't allow their body to absorb the nutrition that it needs. Makes them skinny and they will be ravenous hungry all the time. Just some food for thought. I am going to try Metronidazole (sp?) for a few days and see what happens, then I will try the food thing...


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          Try giving him large doses of digestive enzymes (acidophilus etc) they come in liquid or capsule forms.. probably the easiest to give would be the capsules.. either broken open over the food, or hidden in a ball of ground beef. Try 3-5 capsules, 2-3 times a day for up to a week (you should see improvement within 7 days if it's going to help). If it does help, then continue giving 1 capsule with each meal indefinitely.

          They sell these in any health food store/herb shop/ many chiropractic clinics...


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            I would first try use a probitic (we use B-Natural Ultra Probitic). There was article in the Akc Gazette about diarrhea (Bull Terrier column) they were saying probitic and Flagyl.

            Have you thought about food allergys (corn is the most common). Rosie ate Evo, then BARF, then back to Evo and finally Soild Gold (after surgery she got to be a chunky-monkey on Evo with only a cup a day)

            I have used the Hamburger/Rice as well as Turkey/Rice home cooked as a add on. I would try the Pumpkin(not pie filling) first. All of ours loved it. Also try Yogurt (plain- big tubs) Rosie would like it off of the spoon,

            One of my girls Rosie had a very sensitive tummy. Diarrhea ranging from toothpaste to water. Wasn't the food it, was her cecum intussecepting itself (it was trying to push itself into the colon Not good). When they biopsed/removed it the pathologist found segments of Whipworms (she always came up negative).

            Use should use the Flagyl for the whole course. Also see if Endosorb will help.

            Good Luck
            Never gonna know if you never even try


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              You may have seen these, I knew a cocker show/breeder (in your woods), who had coccsidia and giardia (probably misspelled) running through all of their dogs. It never really goes away, and causes diarrhea and soft stools, sometimes with blood, very concerning. It probably is not what is going on since they probably checked for this.


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                I got Brenna on herring & potato, wish us luck! I'm starting out at a 1/8 new to 7/8 old. Wish us luck! I will have to get to a health food store to find some probiotics.

                Oh, and it's sporadic.


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                  Maggy, I thought it was spelled that way, but ya know, I just decided to spell it like it sounded! DUH!!! I am usually a good speller too. I guess this is what happens once you have children, you lose all ability to speak and spell like an adult!! Oh well, I will know for sure next time! I am going to keep this thread in mind as I can only try one thing at a time, so if this doesn't work, I will try the next thing! Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it!


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                    hehe I just noticed I really want you guys to wish me luck since I said it twice in a row. :P

                    Winteroo, thats OK I had to look it up, I thought it was sporatic.


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                      Winteroo, if the food change and other suggestions don't help, you might want to have your vet check out a couple of other things.

                      I've seen sporadic diarrhea in dogs with pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. Without sufficient pancreatic enzymes, the dog can't digest foods properly, and they can't absorb the necessary nutrients. The stools are usually light in color, and there is significant weight loss. If not treated, the dog will eventually starve to death. It's treated with supplements.

                      It's also possible for dogs to have IBS or ulcerative colitis. Those conditions are a little trickier to control, but they can both be treated.


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                        Thanks, Helly. I will keep that in mind if the course I am on doesn't work...


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                          I had a bull mastiff that had huge cow patty size soft stools.He ate like a fool,but was under weight.I started to suppliment his diet w/raw carrots,celery and bananna.After a few weeks he showed great improvment,gained weight and his stools were normal.I never in a million years thought he would eat that stuff,but he did and happily.I dont know if this may help,sure cant hurt to try.This was reccomended in a holistic pet health book and it sure took care of his malapsorption troubles.Keep us posted and good luck w/your guy.


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                            "he eats 8-10 cups a day"

                            This is just a thought, but, dogs can get diarrhea from overeating and this seems like ALOT of food, even for such a large breed. Estimating his weight at 150lb, he should be getting approximately1989 kcals per day (also depending on his activity level, age, etc), but feeding this much of the EP Holistic Large and Giant breed, he is getting in the neighborhood (based on estimates) of 3528 kcals. This certainly could be causing his problem.

                            Adding the pumpkin helps a great deal, but you really need to figure out what is causing it, instead of treating symptoms.

                            As someone else stated, parasitic infections can go undected with repeated testing simply due to the fact that dogs are not always shedding the "eggs" that are seen with regular fecal exams.

                            Helly had mentioned IBD and Colitis, which are both a possibility and feeding a higher fiber diet will help with this. It slows the GIT down and allows for greater absoption. Of course, some dogs will require medications, but alot of it can be treated nutritionally and with supplements.


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                              I know 8-10 cups a day seems like a lot, but he is not fully matured yet. I know over feeding can cause diahrrea. He gets skinny if I lower his food intake too much. I have been trying to feed him 8 cups a day and he seems to be doing fine on that and not losing weight.