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    It's Always Something.

    Woman calls must get her 2 Bichons done now. I can't. I can do one and the other next week. Calls back ok. I tell her to go ahead & bring both of them & I'll see what I can do. (I'd like to have more Bichon clients so I make an exception)

    Shows up with both & says within 2 minutes of being here they are too much to handle & she wants to find a new home for them. (Figures)
    She doesn't want to leave them very long- How long will it take? (Going down hill)

    So I do a rush job. I'm not happy with the way they look but when she & her ill husband just show up to get them when I said to call first, I can't do anymore.

    Her-"Did you do their anal glands cause she is having a har....

    Me- "I checked them but she is soooo shy & was stressed enough, they seemed not full enough to do"-- or something like that.

    So he takes thm to the car while she writes me a check. All seems ok.

    3 days later frantic message on voice mail.
    Something MAJOR is wrong with her female blah blah blah.
    I assure her nothing happened & even if I quick a nail I tell the owner.

    After getting more details I say I will go to her house & empty the dog's glands. She acts just like the typical anal gland issue dog. Walks sits spins around. I also say maybe a urinary issue.

    So already made an appointment with the vet so she will go ahead & take her.

    Calls me that afternoon. Vet doesn't know. She had bloodwork done, checked her anals, -NO urinalysis. Sent home some antibiotics.

    I called her just now. The dog is no better. The owner is having to carry her around. Taking the meds, haven't heard from the bloodwork.
    If she's no better by tomorrow she's taking her back to the vet.

    It's always something.
    Should have listened to my gut saying no, when she had to have them done NOW.


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    LOL,she says dogs are to much to handle? Good luck w/her and to think you wanted more Bichon's to groom,you can bet she will be back!


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      No as far as I'm concerned you did nothing wrong. Not even worth worrying about.