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Does anyone groom a Shih

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  • Does anyone groom a Shih

    Tzu with great skin?
    I have seen them at the shows, so they are out there.

    Details. Details.

    Age? Color? Male? Female?
    Bathing/Grooming Frequency?
    Length of hair?
    Diet? Extra food additives like oil or ? ?
    Products used in Grooming?
    Strictly inside dog?
    Climate at home? State?

    Mine, 60% white with brown, tan. Colored mostly over back & face. F, spayed, had 1 litter many years ago. 9 years old.
    Has a severe flea allergy. Gets Advantage every 3 weeks.
    Scratches, rubs, rolls, almost constantly. Skin, not crusty, but irritated.
    Gets hot spots from chewing on her back. Licks feet some.
    Eats Purina ONE.
    People food treats like Cheese, chicken, yogurt.
    She smells. I'm now bathing her every 2, 3, or 4 days depending.
    I've used all sorts of shampoo/conditioners too. Powders. Vinegar rinse.
    I now let her air dry no fans/dryers of any type.
    In FL, air conditioning is on almost every day of the year.
    Has been on Prednisone. This helps but my vet is not crazy about using Pred year 'round. I may have to find another vet to do this tho.

    Can you tell I'm stumped?

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    Sorry to hear about that poor little one. Try Les Poochs Medicated shampoo and/or their F & T shampoo. Also try NuVet labs supplements. I have 2 shihs and a bulldog (clients all different homes) on all and notice an amazing difference in just a short time. Good Luck!!


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      Les Poochs Medicated shampoo can even be used daily if needed.


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        First thing Change her food. I was having these problems and switched to solid gold all natural and it made the world of differance. I also went from advantage to Revolution. Chances are she has a combination of food and flea alergies. the little scabs and hot spots my female shih was getting were wet the vet called flea dermititis. after switching food and going to revolution we no longer have these problems
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          Definitely change food, always condition after bathing with shampoo and most immportantly, cut out all treats human and dog. It will take about 6 weeks to see a change, if there is going to be one. If you are going to fing out if it is a food allergy, you must be very vigilent. Make sure no one is feeding her any treats, especially if you have children.


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            I agree w/changing her diet. I have had a lot of my customers switch to ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach (salmon formula) and have really good results. Is this on the recall list though? I don't know......have to check. It is so nervewracking this recall thing. Everytime I see they have added to it I hold my breath waiting to see if my dogs food is on the list. I wonder if it would be best to switch food often so they wouldn't be on a "bad" food very long if it does get recalled.

            OOOOOPS I got off the subject. Also, try adding a little apple cider vinegar to her water (the natural, unfiltered kind w/the "mother" in it). If she is having a problem w/yeast this can be a good way to help her. I also started giving my Cocker a food supliment from Davis that is for bad skin. It seems to be helping a little bit, and ANY help is worth it! Good luck, I know it is soooo frustrating dealing w/skin problems.
            SheilaB from SC


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              i think you said your a native floridian, right. so I have to tell you. i have never seen feet on dogs like i have seen down here. man alive! i think pesticides and fire ants are a factor here in fl as well. i agree with everyone else about the diet change. also, i use missing link as an additive for my dog. she has beautiful skin and coat. it has helped alot of my customers dogs too. Wait! is there any gluten in that? better go gluten


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                I ditto the Les Pooch medicated suggestion. We groom a cocker that always had AWFUL skin issues. We got the medicated in and recommended the owner giving it a try. You wouldn't believe the difference, and this is just from using it every six weeks or so. I bet there would be an even bigger difference using it once or twice a week.

                My beagle had some skin issues and so I used it on her also. I used it three or four times over the course of a few months, and now I can use whatever shampoo I want, her skin issues are gone! (No food switch, etc. it was the shampoo)
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                  I know that when our little ones are miserable we want to do eveything possible to help them but one thing to consider is if you are trying to find out what exactly make it better change one thing at a time. If you change something give it a couple of weeks and evaluate is it same/better/worse the change somthing else. You can change everything all at once but you may loose What helped. Good luck.
                  I agree to change foods and if you do make sure that she is getting NOTHNG but the new food at least for the first 6-8 weeks so you can accuratly evaluate the change.


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                    I ditto the LesPooch medicated BUT for food try Avoderm it is designed for allergy problems and OMG is fabulous.

                    In our salon:
                    A cocker with SEVERE yeast and no fur, after 6 weeks thick black coat and NO yeast.

                    Yorki- Severe dermatitis from flea, fire ants bites- Coat is growing in healthy and Mom says no itching.

                    Cairn- Chew his back raw with hot spots, been on Avoderm for 3 weeks, no more chewing.


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                      thanks to everyone!!!

                      I have tried the Davis supplement- didn't help her.
                      I will try the many other suggestions I haven't tried yet.

                      Thanks again sooooo very much!!


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                        Change her food. Try ZD diet by Hills it is a hypoallergenic food has helped most dogs that ever got on it.You may need to ask your vet to put her on it. Most allergies with dogs are due to something in their food. My dog is allergic to wheat glutten. I put her on Nutro Lamb and rice and she did great. She also is doing well on Innova all natural food. BTW I do lots of shih-tzu's with no skin problems. Now cockers I don't see any of those with out some kind of skin or ear problem.


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                          Definitely diet!!!

                          I groom 59 shih tzus (I know this because I use 123pet LOL)
                          And I can't think of but two that have bad skin. MOst clients on natural dog foods.
                          Best not to keep your dog on the same food all of his/her life, every few months change is good. BUT not purina one!
                          Natural, no wheat, corn, beet pulp, etc. known allergens.


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                            Well, I'm going to go against the grain here. Stop changing things and get some testing done. Has the vet done a skin scraping for mites? How about thyroid testing? Cushing's test? Allergy testing? Don't just treat symptoms unless you can't find out what's causing them.

                            Skip the steroids. You'll end up with a dog that has aquired Cushing's, even if she doesn't have it now. If the problem is allergy related, give Atopica a try. Changing the diet won't do much good if the dog is suffering from flea and grass or pollen allergies. And it won't do a bit of good if the problem is sarcoptes mites or chyletiella.