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oxidation vs. yeast?

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  • oxidation vs. yeast?

    Helly, or others.
    The 2 main theories on chronic ear infections and tear staining are oxidation of something or other, and an over abundance of yeast. Are they related, if not, which is more correct, and how is either changed via diet?

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    Many ear infections are caused because the dog is allergic to something. Find out what that is by first eliminating red food dye kibble, get the dog on a good food, many pets are allergic to proteins from chicken, or beef, So try a lamb and rice first, while treating the ear infection, if still a problem, I recommend the vegetarian food that the vets sell. I forget the makers of it, but I have seen a lot of dogs with severe ear problems get cured after staying on a strict diet of this food. My dog Bella is allergic to wheat gluten, mainly in wheat bread, once we got stricter about her stealing the kids sandwiches, and getting into the loaves of bread her ears were fine. We also got her ears packed it is a treatment her vet does that many vets don't know about but has a much better success rate than other treatments. They call it Ear Packing- they fill her ear with a thick yellow goop after they pluck,flush, and dry. The goop stays in for a week then she gets another 2 treatments, and then her chronic ear infection is gone for good.


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      what do you all do for cockers with those sticky icky feet? I've seen this in shih-tzus too? Is this yeast?? bacteria?? what do you do for them? I've noticed also they have bad ears...Im guessing its all related?


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        Oxidation is very simply put "rust"(hair,oxygen and mineral content in fluids;tears or saliva) Notice where all the rust areas are,they are from bodily fluids. Yeast grows in warm,moist enviroments and bacteria is often seen coexisting w/yeast.To keep yeast at "bay"remove as much hair as possible so air can flow to the affected areas.Allergies are a big problem where I live and ear infections,skin problems are abundant as well as the swealtering humidity.The dog lickes,chews,scratches,rubs its ears,and a whole host of problems arrise.Like the rat on the wheel,round an round!


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          Sorry I didn't mention the diet part of your question.That is really a big ball of wax! Allergies for some reason seem to appear around the age of 3/4 years of age.Dermatology is a booming biz for vets.,and is the number one reason pet owners seek the help from the family veterinaran.Diet can and does have a factor,but so does alot of other things.If it was so easy to figure out we would all be wondeful miracle workers.


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            Shih Tzu yeasty etc...

            My Shih is a mess. It's a constant battle.
            Same as most of the other Shihs I groom.

            2 dogs -same breeder. Don't know if they are related.

            A male 5 years old, always gross. Owner wants him cleaned up twice a year maybe. Why bother?!

            A female 1.5 years. Sooooo nice. I just bragged & bragged on this dog about how he must have got pick of the litter so on & so forth.
            UNTIL today!! It's like she changed overnight!!!!!!!!!!! Skin is getting yucky. She's been licking & chewing. Owner has been letting her eat whatever because of the food scares.

            Just so strange to me.